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Posted: Oct 22, 2017 3:42 AM
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lubel80 47m ago
Skies. That's 🌌, not 🎿
lubel80 13h ago
The Tragically Hip was a college band for me. My sister - who is almost 6 years older than I am - got into them when she went away to school. And I liked them fine throughout highschool, but I really started listening to them more when I also went away to school. They were constantly playing in someone's dorm room, at the pub, or on the radio. I love that even though we are far apart in age, we share a college band. I have so many memories of listening to The Hip with my 5th floor brothers. #ripgorddownie🇨🇦
One of my closest friends as a teen used to go visit relatives in Bobcaygeon. I had never heard of such a place and assumed she said she was visiting her relative, Bob Cajun. I'm pretty sure it was only when The Tragically Hip song, Bobcaygeon, came out that I finally understood what my friend had been saying for all those years. Now she and I live extremely far apart, and I always think of her when I hear that song. #ripgorddownie🇨🇦
When I was a teenager I went to many bonfires, where we listened to music and chatted around the crackling glow. Once, we were listening to The Hip's Fully Completely album and when Wheat Kings started my friend commented on what a great song it is. I had never heard it, but it was the perfect campfire accompaniment. As we chatted, the song played on...and after a while, we noticed that Wheat Kings was still playing. It turns out the cd was skipping at the end of a verse, and skipping back to the beginning of that verse, in a way that was completely indistinguishable, unless you were really paying attention. We must've listened to the song for almost 10 min, but it was so beautiful and perfect, no one minded. #ripgorddownie🇨🇦
One of my biggest (musical) regrets is never having seen The Tragically Hip live, so I have no photos of Gord Downie to share. It's been sad and lovely seeing everyone's memories and tributes to this impressive man and Canadian icon. #ripgorddownie🇨🇦
No, I didn't buy this abomination of nature. #scarylemon
Serenity now...waiting for election results is the worst; especially nowadays where it seems like humans are going out of their way to make deliberately horrible decisions
Performed my civic duty like a boss! Get out and vote, Calgarians! Polls are open until 8pm. I won't tell you who to vote for, but if you are looking for suggestions, I'll happily oblige!
I already love Snapchat, but I really love Snapchatting with my nieces! #LucialovesClara
I love finding a photo in my camera roll that I didn't know was there. Especially if it includes a cutie pie! #Lucia_loves_Lola
Lisboa is very good at street art. Swipe to see this from a different angle and to appreciate how awesome it is. Also, it's made of recycled trash. #I❤️Lisboa
This is monument called the Padrão dos Descobrimentos. I just looked up what Padrão translates to, and apparently it's "pattern" or "template". Someone help me out. Why isn't it called Monumento dos Descobrimentos? Also, check out if this nearly 80-year-old monument has changed in the past 6 years: #nowandthen_padraodosdescobrimentos
Yay! Found a few rogue photos of Lisboa on my phone. I love me a giant Calder!
I have an irrational fear of bugs, but I love ladybugs!
I'm dreading winter more than usual, and I kind of wish autumn would stay here forever
Fly baby fly. Make your mother sigh. She's old enough to know better.
PS - I double checked the lyrics before posting and I had 2 words wrong. I'm ashamed of myself. #notasbigaBeatlesfanasithought
This is definitely a #latergram, since it's practically winter weather here now. :( Already anticipating the next Chinook.