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Today we visited our friends at Island Design & Landscaping on Deer Park Ave in Dix addition to beautiful plants, on site florist and landscape design services they have an amazing barn and enchanted forest filled with over 20+ alpacas. We HIGHLY recommend a visit! #alpacas #landscapedesign #nurseries #flowers #plants #florists

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#CowHarborWeekend is almost upon us! Have you purchased one of these adorable, homespun , pin-on #cow tails , yet? If not RUN , don't walk to @barton_at_home , @thewindowshopjewelers , or to tomorrow nights pre- #cowharbor10k number pick up at Laurel Ave School where they are being sold. $5.00 each ..all of which goes toward covering #AnnabelleTheCow And the rest of our beautiful animals' hay, feed, bedding and vet care expenses.
Our cow tails are a festive , and sweet way to show your support for #Northport's favorite cow and are an extension of our COMMUNITY fundraiser, Team Annabelle & Friends. Cow tails not quite your style but you still wish to support our local #farmsanctuary where many enjoy visiting ? Please visit where you can make a tax-deductible donation to sponsor our herd of #cowharbor 10k and #funrun participants who will be moo-ving with love on Saturday on behalf of Annabelle and her many hooved and feathered friends. THANK YOU for your support 🐄💕🐓🦃🐐🐖🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻
3 years ago, our funny, sweet and sassy little friend abruptly vanished from our lives taking with her all of her crazy antics, her larger-than-life personality, and an even larger piece of our hearts.
The only thing more painful than missing Salem has been not knowing what became of her despite having learned almost a year after she disappeared that someone newly visiting the farm mistook her for a stray and wrote an appeal for her rescue on a local Huntington Moms facebook page right at the time she went missing.
While we don't need a date on the calendar to be reminded of Salem, we ask that you help us remind everyone that we will ALWAYS be searching, worrying , and MISSING her by SHARING this post and her story and by visiting Salem's page at
And, we ask that anyone with any information please reach out to us so that we can have the closure that anyone of us would want and need under similar circumstances. Thank you💔#missing #blackcatappreciationday #lostonlongisland #missingpet #11768
Hey everyone! PLEASE help us to continue giving Annabelle and the rest of our beautiful animals the lifelong, individualized care they need and deserve. If you're planning to run the #CowHarbor10k or the #CowHarbor #FunRun , please JOIN our team and help us raise much needed funds to help cover our hay, bedding, veterinarian care and other animal care expenses . OR even more importantly, please support our team by making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION ! You can JOIN or DONATE by visiting TODAY! THANK YOU! 🐄💕🐔🐓🐏🐐🐖🦃🐇💕🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻
ATTENTION: #CowHarbor10k race participants! PLEASE JOIN Team Annabelle & Friends, a community based fundraising campaign to help raise much needed funds to cover our ongoing animal care expenses. Runners, Walkers, and 1-mile Fun Run participants who love the farm are ALL encouraged to join!

ALL of our animal care related costs are funded solely through private donation ..our volunteers work hard caring for the animals day in and day out and now we need everyone's help so that we can continue to care for them and keep the farm sanctuary open for the animals and for everyone who enjoys visiting them.

We need as many feet hitting the street as we can get! It's easy to join. Just visit the link below, to get started. Once you've joined the team, you can start promoting your individualized team member page to let everyone you know that on Sept 16th, you'll be MOO-VING with love for Annabelle the cow and the rest of the beautiful animals at @lewisoliverfarm #sanctuary so that they can 🙏hopefully🙏sponsor you in your effort! Prizes will be given at the harbor-front post-race after party to our TOP 3 fundraisers!
The race and the farm are two community-based ,time-honored traditions in Northport. Let's pull together to make this the HUGE SUCCESS Annabelle and all of her friends need it to be! 🐄💕🐓🐖🐐🐘🐏🦃🏃‍♀️🏃🏾🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏼

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SALEM is STILL MISSING from her lifelong home at the Lewis Oliver Farm in Northport where she lived for all of her 7 yrs along with her twin sister and kitty soulmate, Sabrina who is as every bit heartbroken and more than we are. We miss Salem and have been so worried about her. She abruptly vanished on Aug 14, 2014 and we believe someone may have taken her in thinking she was a stray.
Please, everyone tagged who we're connected to here and beyond please share and let us know if you know anyone who might have taken her in. Salem is a VERY petite and VERY FRIENDLY all black female Spayed the time she vanished she had a very noticeable and unsightly bald patch down her spine from an allergy which she was being treated for ..We need to know that she is Ok. Generous reward for info leading to her whereabouts and safe return. Sabrina thanks you for your help and so do we. #northportny #missingcat #lostpet
SALEM is STILL MISSING from the @lewisoliverfarm , her lifelong home of 7 years. She vanished on August 14, 2014 and we haven't given up on finding her. Did you or anyone you know find a very small, all black and very friendly cat during this past year? If so, please let us know. We have been so sad without her and have been worried since the moment she disappeared as anyone who has a pet can understand. #Salem left behind her identical twin sister and kitty soulmate, Sabrina who hasn't been the same since her other half abruptly disappeared. Generous REWARD for credible information leading to her whereabouts and safe return. Salem has several distinct and unmistakable physical and behavioral characteristics which set her apart from other black cats and which will make it very easy for us to recognize and identify her should someone come forward who might think they found her . PLEASE SHARE. Thank you.
#northportNY #longisland #missingpet #missingcat #lostcat #cats #lostpet @littleshelter @islipanimalshelter
Good morning~
Today marks a sad milestone. It has been 1 year that Salem vanished from her lifelong home at the Lewis Oliver Farm in Northport. Because of a post that we recently learned about which appeared on a #Huntingtonny Moms FB group page around the time Salem disappeared in which the author wrote about their visit to the farm where they encountered Salem and expressed their intent to "rescue/adopt" her, we strongly believe that this person removed Salem from our property and either has had her this entire time OR rehomed her to an unsuspecting 3rd party. IMAGINE how you would feel if someone who visited your home mistook your own pet for a stray and subsequently removed her from your property? Imagine if after nearly a year of searching and worrying, you learned that they publicly wrote about their intent? It is with that empathy and compassion that we ask you to PLEASE KEEP SHARING SALEM's story -even if by a mere "LIKE" which will greatly increase this posts visibility in other members newsfeeds- so that we can finally get to the bottom of this and locate Salem. $1,500 REWARD FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO HER WHEREABOUTS AND SAFE RETURN. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. (631)261-6320

#lostcat #missing #northportny #northportharbor #longisland #pleasehelp #catsofinstagram #blackcats #blackcatsofinstagram #lostandfoundpetslongisland #lostandfoundpetsny
Based on information we recently received, Salem was likely removed from her lifelong home of 7 years here at the farm by someone who mistook her for a stray. We have learned that someone had inquired about her on a local Huntington Moms Facebook page around the time she disappeared asking if anyone knew about the 'friendly black cat hanging around the farm' and whether she was a stray in need of rescue. At the time she disappeared, Salem had a noticeable unsightly BALD PATCH down her back a skin condition that our vet had diagnosed and treated. We believe her EXTREMELY FRIENDLINESS, her UNUSUALLY TINY KITTEN-like size and the appearance of her BALD PATCH fueled this misguided 'rescue' effort.
SOMEONE OUT THERE KNOWS MORE THAN WE DO..please share and let us know if maybe you have information that can help us locate Salem. We need to know that she is OK. THANK YOU #missingcat #lostpet #cats #northportny #longisland #huntingtonny
@sweetannabelles #veganicecream tasting TODAY at @lewisoliverfarm - a sanctuary and home to Annabelle the #cow. 12-4pm.
Taste our flavor of the week. Bring home a pint or a miniature, elegant #veganicecreamcake. Or grab a #veganicecreamsandwich and enjoy while visiting with Annabelle and her friends! 💕🍦🐄🐏🐔🐇🐓🐖🐐 #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig #dairyfree #lactosefree #crueltyfree #delicious #icecream #northportny #longisland #loveanimals #loveicecream
@sweetannabelles #veganicecream tasting event TOMORROW 12-4pm and EVERY Saturday at the farm! Tasting table, pints, Vwich #veganicecreamsandwiches and #veganicecream Baby Cakes in assorted flavors.
Stop in!

#loveanimals #loveicecream
#northportny #longisland
Attention! Salem is still missing from her home at the Lewis Oliver Farm. We have just learned that someone likely took Salem home with them after mistaking her as a stray back on August 14th when she vanished. This information was shared by a handful of people who recalled seeing a post on the Huntington Moms on a Budget Facebook page where the author wrote about a "small friendly black cat who has been hanging around the farm and who appears to be homeless and in need to "rescue"." This post appeared around the time Salem disappeared. Please SHARE AND VISIT OUR FB page as well and share our post about this situation and ask everyone you know if they had seen the original post on the Moms on a Budget page or if they recall seeing anyone up at the farm with Salem. We miss Salem terribly and have not stopped searching or worrying about her since the minute she disappeared. THANK YOU!
All #chickens are special. Elvis and Priscilla just happen to wear their specialness on the outside<3

#fancy #fluffies #loveallanimals #sanctuary #friendship #sentience
Selfie fun with Prince Zachary aka Mr. Baby Boy. Best hat in town!
Waitin' on #breakfast "I'm telling you, Stewie, I smell pancakes!" -with Bitsie & Stewie #sheep
A perk of being top #goat in charge is that you get to eat at the drive-up window in the barn hallway. -with Blaze<3

#goats and all animals are so much like us; much more than we give them credit for. When given the opportunity to do so, they will form lifelong emotional bonds with their families and other herd mates. And look, Blaze is even sticking his tongue out behind his brother's back! -with Mr. Big and Blaze
Because even Oreo has tender moments. #goats #cows -with Annabelle