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Sweets as far as the eye can see @sweetmisshope tonight...

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I've been on the quest for the perfect smelling laundry detergent for quite some time. Thankfully @Ecover_UK have been listening to my washing prayers. As well as smelling divine, Ecover is also gentle enough on June's skin, and a much better choice for the environment with their concentrated formula working to clean clothes on a 30 degree wash. At their recent event I attended with @tigerlillyquinn, I discussed my new mum uniform with the delightful stylist @alexlongmore. Bet you can guess that it involves a jumpsuit or two! Head over to the link in my bio to discover more about laundry and style #EcoverStyle #ThirtyPlusEcover #spon
Day 2, inspire: This girl inspires me everyday, she shows up and just keeps trying her best. In a week she's figured out how to roll over and tries her hardest each day to roll back the other way, and coordinate crawling. Her legs are so strong and she also has a dreamy jumpsuit collection. My new motto is 'Be More June' (that includes midday naps) #freeupmyinsta #inspiration
Well thank goodness I made Jack take this yesterday because I wasn't venturing outside today! I'm shoe gazing, which is the opposite of today's #freeupmyinsta prompt, however that's cos I love my new boots from @finerylondon - head to my stories for a close up. Also, Lincoln Castle is doing autumn well 🍁(boots c/o Finery) #FineryFemales
Really feel this door frame needs its own appreciation society 💙
I'm the guest host of @allison_sadler_ 's marvellous #freeupmyinsta photo challenge. If the algorithm is getting you down, you're over thinking everything you post, and you'd like to inject some spontaneity back into Instagram - then this 7 day photo challenge is for you! There is no pressure, no rules, no over thinking, no curation necessary, just some freedom to have fun through pictures and words. Will you join us on Monday? #freeupmyinsta
When you're feeling slightly under the weather and your mum brings you home a hydrangea bigger than your face. Combined with Escape the Chateau on catch up, it's the perfect get well tonic #nomakeuprequired
Sponsored: A few weeks ago I found myself half naked, talking to a stranger on the wasn't quite as bad as it sounds. I was in fact talking to a lovely online advisor @figleavesofficial, who was assisting me in measuring myself for a new bra. I know it's 2017, but until now I have never shopped for a bra online before. Am I the only one? The changes to body my shape post baby, was something I was totally underprepared for. I wish I'd prioritised getting a new bra a lot sooner, I'm a changed woman. I discuss (in frank and honest detail) my whole experience over on the website - click the link in my profile to read 🌸🌸🌸 #Figleaves
Hello to all you new followers, I thought I best introduce myself! I'm Charlotte and I live in Margate in Kent. I'm the founder of Betty, which was once a printed magazine, however after five (maybe six years) it's all to go online with a new website launching next month. In April this year I became a mum for the first time, to very funny baby named June. I like flowers, anything embroidered (see the top) and Yorkshire tea on tap. If you want to find out more about me there's a link in my profile, to a podcast I recorded with @ifeelsmug...this is all beginning to sound a bit like an odd dating profile, so I'll stop, but be sure to introduce yourself in the comments below 📷 @amberrosephoto
Happy Monday all! Old photo discovered whilst looking at photos of June, whilst she was asleep...being a mum makes you do weird things 💜💗💙 (how much do I want an adult version of this cardigan?!)
This weekend it's @bytheseafestival in Margate. I'm too uncool to know who most of the bands are but I did buy this awesome poster that my talented friends designed @telegramme - if you're in town today they are selling these and lots more cool band posters @cliffsmargate 🌿
Sorting my wardrobe out uncovered these @rayne_shoes gems that my baby brain forgot all about. All together now 'These boots were made for walking....'🎶
Last week (which seems like a lifetime ago now!) the wonderful Lizzie from @ifeelsmug came to Margate to interview me for her brilliant new podcast 'How to Curate Your Life'. We spoke about my previous jobs and how each one has taught me something new. We also discussed my values, family life and future plans. I haven't had chance to listen to it yet, so I hope you like it! I loved recording it and get rather into it - click the link in the bio to listen 👂🏻 (photo @amberrosephoto)
Thanks everyone for your kind messages and well wishes! A few of you were worried as I hadn't been on Instagram stories for a few days. Everything is fine, however we did have to go to hospital with June on Friday. She was a little shivery, was a funny shade of blue and had mottled skin. Upon admission to a&e June also had a high temperature and heart rate. The team there were a) incredible and b) brought that those two things right down very quickly. They kept us in for a couple of nights to monitor her, meanwhile June was bring her usual smiley self and not looking very sick at all. They've ruled out lots of serious things, which obviously we are really pleased about and last night we got to go home! We'll be going back over the next couple of days to finish her antibiotics but we seem to be well and truly out the woods. Hopefully we will get to the bottom of what was wrong too. Meanwhile the world's biggest thank you to the NHS. The most wonderful team of ambulance drivers, porters, admin staff, nurses, doctors, cleaners and so much more 💗💗
I've been dreaming about this floral velvet suit ever since I saw it on Instagram at the @boden_clothing AW17 press day - at the time I was heavily pregnant and couldn't imagine wearing anything but stretchy jersey ever again. Thankfully my time has come to dress like Austin Powers once more. I wore it into London on Tuesday and I felt totally groovy baby ✌🏼🌸🌷🌹🌻🌼🌺 (suit c/o Boden and thanks to @labelsforlunch for the snap) #BodenByMe
Wild flowers are my favourite, one more photo from the weekend! Loved our short break away, but there's nothing quite like your own bed right?! (also, unintentionally similar to @wishwishwish's snap from Norway - didn't realise until I was home 🙈😂) 🌸
And with that I am on my way to London (sans June and her bobble hat sadly) and remembering a lovely weekend @littlewalnuthut. Thought it only fair instagram see my mum uniform: double denim, birkenstocks and a hat to hide the fact I was trying to eeek my blow dry out from Thursday 🙈
Hastings, what a marvellous place! Can't believe I've not been before, check out my stories for some inspiration - I've been walking around like this all afternoon 😍
In my happy place, didn't make it to Scotland this summer to live out my Macca fantasies, but I made it to Sussex and with a nearly five month old that's just as good (and yes that's a gin in hand, because I'm a new mum stereotype) 🌾
When the place you're staying has the best @ukportmeirion crockery - never leaving the @littlewalnuthut 🦋🌾🌸