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From @tattoofactory :
OK Chicago. Don't make me regret this. Every Friday the 13th people seem to want little Halloween themed tattoos. I guess all of the phone calls have worn me down. We'll do it.
Your choice, first come first served walk-in only with a preference to regular customers, please. Any design, your choice $50 bucks. We will not be doing them for $13 like some other studios are doing. We just can't. Using a totally disposable tattoo system means that just covering the cost of everything we throw away costs more than that. Just to keep the piercer busy we'll take ten bucks off of any piercing if you mention this.
Added this blue dreamy brush stroke around an existing skull, right smack in the ditch! #ouchie
This Friday October 13 at 12pm

Also open on Halloween, October 31 at 2pm
and Friday November 2 at 12pm
Got another few hours in on this piece! Still a bunch of details left...
Ahh I almost forgot to post this one. Partner piece to some work from a few weeks ago.
For fox sake. Session one, few more details in the star map next time!
One year ago today, this little person came crashing out of me, latched on a breast, and started growing.
Now, she can walk (nearly running!) and pet the cat and climb stairs and use a crayon and brushes her teeth and helps get herself dressed.
She loves shoes and bags and hats and bracelets, stacking things, and going bouncebouncebounce. Her favorite foods are goldfish, mac n cheese, dried fruit, and ice cream.
Happy Birthday, Moonfluff 💙💛💜💚
Finished these birds of paradise to kick off the weekend.