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  Posted: Jun 14, 2012 4:38 PM FEED
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Filmed for WCCO today and learned a new pose. Upside down "dancer." #aerialyoga #lordofthedancepose

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This week has been the absolute worst, I am so ready for it to be D.O.N.E.
There was one amazing highlight and that’s seeing the ladies of @myfavoritemurder with my girl @mlt_mpls
I soooooo needed those laughs this week. 🙏🏼 #staysexyanddontgetmurdered #myfavoritemurder
Wet day at Stillwater’s Harvest Fest yesterday but the pumpkins were indeed incredibly enormous, we discovered Nola loves sunfish and I found a new favorite bookstore. 🤘🏼🙌🏼👏🏼 #nolaludmila #nolatheexplorer #allthefallthings #grumpypinkbunny
Seasonal spritzer at the Angry Trout plus my girls for the weekend in my favorite place.....just what the Dr ordered.......
Posted: Sep 29, 2017 6:48 PM
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🤓 We are 2 weeks late but whadya gonna do? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Our fiery girl is soooo ready for preschool but won’t be starting until January. In the meantime she will still do tot classes at @mnwaldorf
Nola is OBSESSED with her teachers and my favorite thing is watch her play with the other kids and Miss Kerry. ❤️
#nolaludmila #mnwaldorf #waldorfschool
Renaissance Festival was truly magical this year. Nola was called "Tiny Princess" by everyone she met. She talked to Princesses, Mermaids, Knights and Princes. She rode a pony, elephant and a camel. She got to feed kangaroos and a llama. And of course, try a turkey leg.
Since this weekend, she hasn't been able to stop talking about what she will do and wear next year at the Festival. ❤️
#nolaludmila #nolatheexplorer #minnesotarenaissancefestival #renaissancefestival
We released our first butterfly this morning! Also, Nola's bedhead and sleepy face kills me! 🤣 #monarchbutterfly #raisingmonarchs
We almost didn't make it but we came, we saw, we ate and we conquered. 🤘🏼💪🏼 #nolaludmila #nolatheexplorer #minnesotastatefair #thegreatminnesotagettogether