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David made me a shirt! FRIDAY October 13th this year! @davidlynchfoundation
Playing the who do I look like game.

TOP LEFT: Paul (dad), TOP RIGHT: My Dad holding my older brother Graham on the left, baby brother Jason, and me on the far right, BOTTOM LEFT: my brother Graham, BOTTOM RIGHT: cousin Sailor with Jake #jakecullenmills
We had an amazing afternoon with Scarlett, Sailor, Ayme, and Nana today! PS, I want to move into these gardens 💜🤗
Oops. Fell asleep on the couch with the boob out. It's good for the skin, right? #jakecullenmills
Yes, it looks like a sweet photo. But those claws are just waiting to scratch the daylights out of me in my sleep, without warning. If you can successfully remove his talons, I'll give you $20 #jakecullenmills
I've been trapped for the last 3 hours in a vicious nap/feeding cycle and finally snuck away. But how can I get mad at this face? #boobprison #jakecullenmills
My doula just dropped off dehydrated placenta capsules and shared a picture of what the placenta looked like during cleaning. Caution to those who get queesy looking at gut stuff. #placenta #jakecullenmills