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sidydy 279w ago
The sky is fantastic these two days!

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sidydy 13w ago
Bring on the dots! Haaa....such interesting exhibition by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.
sidydy 14w ago
Yayoi's stainless steel balls. Interesting story behind these balls #yayoikusama
sidydy 28w ago
Took me a while to figure out what it is. #hajilane
sidydy 30w ago
Preferred mode of transportation #hajilane
sidydy 30w ago
The stretch of road is pretty quiet during the day #hajilane
sidydy 30w ago
Pick your hat and put it on on this hot day!
sidydy 30w ago
This photo marks the starting of journey to #kampong glam series
sidydy 44w ago
Semarang is a lovely town in CentralJava. It has many old buildings from the olden era which are still intact and in good conditions. This photo was taken in an old warehouse turned into an art gallery.
sidydy 48w ago
Gotta visit #Ratu Boko when in #Yogyakarta these days 😜 thanks to #AADC2
sidydy 72w ago
One fine morning...till it became too hot 🔥