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Happy birthday to my best friend! So lucky to have had you in my life for all these years. I swear we were just 16 years old driving aimlessly all night doing the most random and weird things because our parents still paid for our gas and everything else, and now you’re 25 and old as hell and instead we just work and adult all the time. I hope you’re having a great time on your vacation. Bear and I miss you 🖤
Sometimes you just take a selfie 🤷🏻‍♀️☢️
This guy is a two time Stanley Cup Champion! So glad to have had the chance to watch him play in OKC during the lockout. #stanleycup #isitoctoberyet
National best friends day!! I've been needing an excuse to post this 🤗 😈 🖤
Not even a filter though. 👌🏼☀️
Dafuq? Iz you blind, Facebook? 🤔