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As my Dad always says, "Any day spent golfing is a good day." #SmartMan

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Feels like all I've been doing is starting projects I never finish. But now that this garage screen door is done, I've got a much nicer space to work in at night without getting eaten alive. Just in time for fall. Oh well. Feels good to finally finish something I started. Here's to many more!
Would have never thought this was possible, but they've both mellowed out. #Friends
Someone's glad we didn't leave.
So this happened this morning. Road crews are nicely placing it in the front of our lawn as I type. Anyone need some firewood, have a chainsaw, and something to haul it away in? (All three?!)
The only thing that gets this kid to stop is Thomas.
Some Christmas money put to good use. Can't really see scale, but the color one is 5 ft tall and the black and white one is 44" wide. #ebayfinds #maps #vintage #typography
Now that it's over. My gift for the exchange this year. #realartchristmas
A- in present making. D in wrapping. Finished is better than perfect, tho. :-) #realartchristmas
So this happened tonight. Don't worry, we won't turn them on until after Thanksgiving.
Eating him up inside, like that squirrel to our pumpkin.
This side of the closet is done! Custom-made signs from last Christmas, welded steel grate opening for electronics made with lots of help from @justingault and live edge Ash wood mantle floating shelf. Lots more room out here now. We'll probably get some chairs on either side of the TV. Couldn't have done with without lots of help from my Dad and even more understanding from Jenn. :-) Now to finish the entryway / closet. #homeimprovement #closet #diy
Haven't posted progress in a while. Have trim work, doors, carpet transition, and steel work yet to do. It's coming. #homeimprovement #diy #closet