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soooooo I got to meet the absolute coolest (and sweetest) couple and their dogs today! SoDak isn't so bad, y'all! (I hope you two have the best time climbing in the canyon tomorrow!! )
happy Friday the 13th🙈👻☠️😵(it's safe to say I'm a scaredy cat)
get you a sweet roommate like @erin_broberg who surprises you with super helpful (and beautiful!) posters her dad made 😍☺️🙏🏼
tried to think of something profound to say about how absolutely beautiful God's creatures are but realized whatever I would say could never do his handiwork justice. so here's a pic instead. oh, and good morning!
sometimes you have to drive to Montana on a Monday after Ethnobotany, book it back for nerd trivia night, and then get kicked out bc you were late ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
first football game with the roomies AND we won against Mines!! 😋(still repping those Hogs doe😛)
missing my best friend/adventure pal real bad😢(also he probably loveeees that I chose this photo🙈😂)
nbd I set these two up about 2 and a 1/2 years ago and now they're married...... congrats you two!! 💜😘 #wassup #matchmaker #loveyouguys #lovebirds #becomingkillian
being in the wilderness for four days without my phone was good for my soul. take me back
feeling super grateful to experience living the farm-house life with two sweet friends this year. ☺️from waking up to hearing horses, to picking fresh apples from the tree in the front...even though life is a little stressful and hectic right now, it's important to remember how much God provides.