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Little brothers are soo annoying.

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Over the weekend I got to see one of my first & oldest #vegan friends, Jessica @thetreekisser get married. We met volunteering at @farmsanctuary (of course) & bonded over our mutual love of the most random things I won’t even start to list here because they’re low key (high key) pretty embarrassing. But we’ve been friends for a very long time & I was so grateful to be able to be there for such a special day. I watched her get ready, swoon as she put on the most perfect dress & then completely lose it as the Love Actually theme played when she walked down the aisle. (You could have warned me J.) Every little bit of the wedding was perfect & I got to meet in person some of my favorite IG friends & even some heroes of mine. The room was filled with some of the most incredible world changers & champions for humans, animals & the environment. Only Jessi & Chris could have brought together such an amazing group of compassionate humans. I love you so much Jessi & I hope you & Chris have the happiest life together rescuing everything that comes your way. ♥️💍🥂 #mrshoar #veganwedding #veganeverything #veganbride
Top dollar with the gold flea collar
Dippin' in my blue Impala #64
It’s amazing I haven’t turned into an actual cat by now.
Fun fact: lavender roses are my absolute favorite. This one is for @brittanylittleton & my Boo Bear. 💜
For someone who “doesn’t like sweets” I sure do eat a lot donuts. 🌱🍩 Delicious vegan donuts from @vegandonutgelato.
I found out that one of my fav ele friends, Khamlin passed away of old age yesterday. I was lucky enough to get to spend a bunch of time with her when I volunteered at the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary. Khamlin was a rescue elephant who got to spend her last 5 years as a free girl who was spoiled with everything she needed and was incredibly loved. Staff says that as she passed away, a beautiful rainbow crossed the sky. If you really, truly love these amazing creatures, do not contribute to zoos, circuses or any attraction (here or abroad) where you ride them or watch them do any “tricks”. If you want to know what it’s like to volunteer with elephants or want to know of proper sanctuaries where to visit them, let me know. I’ll take you. 💗🐘
We’ve been watching footage of the Mexico City 🇲🇽 quake & the damage hurricane Maria left in Puerto Rico & it’s easy to feel helpless. (Especially since they’re still working on getting those little ones out of the collapsed school 😭) But there is always something you can do. The rescue team #topos is actively rescuing people & animals right now. You can go to or just paypal your #donation to: You can help out Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 & Dominica 🇩🇲 by going to: & selecting Hurricane Relief Effort. ♥️ #fuerzamexico
Every time I see this card, All Mixed Up by 311 gets stuck in my head. 🙃 Anyway, it’s a good message & this is my favorite crystal.
Wondering how much hot yoga I'll need to do to burn off this jelly donut from @thedonuttery.
#defendDACA Text RESIST to 50409. Super easy. It helps you find your local senator & will send them a fax on your behalf. Takes 5 seconds. It also doesn't hurt to call. Make your voice heard. ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Just because a place doesn't have any vegan tacos on the menu, doesn't mean you can't have vegan tacos. I just mentioned to the waiter I was #vegan & he brought me these epic black bean & rice tacos with cabbage slaw, pico de gallo & guac. And tequila is *almost* always vegan. 🌮🍹 #itseasybeingvegan
Every single day we must choose hope over despair and love over hatred. We are a stronger nation because of our diversity. @kamalaharris #ripheatherheyer 💔
Oh how I love this sweet baby boy. I remember when I met him, he was just a tiny newborn. @brittanylittleton asked if I wanted to bottlefeed him & his sisters. Though I'm an experienced kitten momma, it still gives me so much anxiety & I said no. But I peeked into that kennel & Hermes was just a teeny tiny lil thing. Sound asleep. And though his 2 sisters didn't make it, before we knew it, he was a big, strong, ridiculously gorgeous little man cat. Britt would bring him over to play with my kitties & they'd chase & play & have the best time. We celebrated his 1st birthday with still the best party I have ever been to. Not long after, he started to get sick. No one knew what was wrong. Doctors gave him 3 months. But he defied the odds for over a year. Today I gave him his final snuggles. It was an honor to be your kitty god-mom sweet Hermes. Please give Loo all the kisses for me. I love you & see you soon.
Yeah we set this up & made that watermelon mint agua fresca JUST for the Instagram because we extra af. 🍉🌿🌺
Picking wildflowers. {thank you for the lovely photo @lolamyers}