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  Posted: Jun 13, 2012 6:16 PM FEED
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Praying mantis and a peek at the new letterpressed mailart we're doing. #bug #drawing #flowers #mailart

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I had to desaturate the photo a bit because poor Stacy’s chest looked like it was 3rd degree sunburned. Half healed, half fresh. Looking forward to getting a fully healed photo in a few weeks. Thanks Stacy!
Two years ago I finished this swan frontpiece , and then @meryl_depasquale and I packed up all our stuff into storage, went on a 7+ month tattoo trip around the country and some of Europe, and then settled down in Portland, Oregon. I’ve been at @scapegoat_tattoo for well over a year now, I’m all settled in and looking to stay forever (sorry @the_noble_mountain ). I’m finally ready to accept large scale black and grey tattoos. If you want front or back pieces, arm or leg sleeves, armpit to knee, whatever it is, I’m happy to take them on now. Black and grey (or mostly black and grey like this) nature-y stuff. This piece took less than a year from start to finish because @sixesstepford was super dedicated. Email with your ideas. 🖤
A little three banded armadillo to end my week. Thanks so much @kokomonique ! #scapegoattattoo
Finished up this magpie today, looking forward to a healed up photo without a hurty-looking sky. Thanks Michael!
Thanks @liz.gif for having me add another piece to your animal arm. Skunks are too cute.
Day after photos of the last fox tattoo I'll ever make in color. It wraps a lot because @niclebrunart has calves like you wouldn't believe.
I made this portrait of old man Ollie today, 3 years old and looking a little scruffy, but still very handsome. Thanks so much @cupkate144 !
I'm now booking the remainder of 2017 here in Portland. It sounds crazy, and maybe it's optimistic to think we'll be able to make it out of this year mostly in one piece. But if you want a tattoo from me sometime before 2018, email me at
If you want info on travel dates, the best way to find out is via my email newsletter, and you can sign up for that on my website, (link in bio) I will be hitting Minneapolis and/or Chicago and also New Hampshire in earlyish 2018. All the details will be released first via that newsletter, so you'll have the first opportunity to book.
I should also be pretty caught up with my emails this week, so if you're waiting for a response, please go ahead and send your request again.
And in case it's not brutally obvious, I'm mostly just doing plants, animals and nature-y stuff. I am still taking on some color projects, but mostly black and grey.
A little Carolina Wren I got to make for Kimberly this past week. #birdtattoo
Esther ( @butterstinker ) and I gathered some plants from my neighborhood, made some wreathy action, photographed and posted it, and then yesterday tattooed @corinna_summerfawn at the same time for a quite a few hours. Thanks to Corinna for being such a trooper, I know it wasn't easy, and you did fantastic. 🖤
Esther ( @butterstinker ) is in town and we're looking to do another collaboration piece! We collected some plants from the neighborhood and arranged this wreath-like design, photographed it, and super imposed it on to a person from the Internet to show how it would look best. If you have an open back, can sit for a while, and have this Thursday, September 7th open, email Esther at . Gender doesn't matter, of course.
I've never posted a video before because I think they are weird. But this wraps a bunch, so video it is! Thanks to Olivia for grabbing a flash piece from a few months ago to fill today's cancelation spot.
So stoked to have had @s6girl visiting us this week. Tomorrow she leaves us and @butterstinker moves in! Non-stop tattoo friends visiting us in Portland. Grateful for this community. 🖤🖤🖤
My first tattoo for @scapegoat_tattoo 's flash day today went on @anthonyinlowercase (across from an awesome @noratownsendtattoo tattoo from a few months ago).
I can't believe I haven't done a good old fashioned vegan pride farm animal mashup like this before. Thanks Rachel! Now it's time to eat some food and pack the car and drive southeast until we're in the line of totality of the #eclipse2017 . If no one hears from me for a while, it's because I'm stuck in traffic. 🌚🌝
Apparently @luvalwysheather has the cutest bunny with ears that have separate agendas. Happy solar eclipse birthday to you, Heather ! 🎉 🌚🌝⚡️
I got to make this little fawn tattoo on Kelsey today, who had an impressive collection from @noratownsendtattoo and @ladymisskai and @gentle_jessica , and we are pretty sure @ladymisskai needs to visit Portland again soon. 🖤
Posted: Aug 13, 2017 5:24 PM
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A full-blown Nazi rally. Damn. We've gotten here by terrible, little steps that went unchecked. People who aren't criminals are being deported, refugees are not being allowed in to the United States, muslims are being bullied and mosques burned, unarmed black men are being shot dead in the streets, transgender soldiers are being treated like their service is a problem & transgender civilians are being told certain bathrooms are off limits. We all need to stand against the harassment, violence, and oppression of people of color, the LGBTQ community, people of other faiths, women, and everyone else being targeted. This president and his administration allow the people who would previously only have shared their hate online to march openly in the streets without masks on. It's not just nazis we have to fight against. It's rape jokes, too, and those stupid "black lines matter" stickers and hashtags that tattooers think are so clever. Take the stickers down. We have emboldened nazis out there, and we need to make changes.
Stoked I got to make this woodpecker from my June's flash sheet of @mitchs_insta yesterday. The last Sunday of every month we have brand new hand painted flash, and I only do my pieces as one-offs. August 27th is the next one, see you at @scapegoat_tattoo .