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  Posted: Jun 13, 2012 2:21 PM FEED
0 Hudson
you pussies down in Ocean Shitty drinking your piss water, I'm at Hogwarts drinking some butter beer 👍 #thehighlife

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From last place to champions in a matter of weeks. What Big 4? #10ks #10runs @bigballerbrand sponsor us.
Happy 3 years to my person. There's nobody who pushes me harder and makes me believe in myself more than you do. Thank you for unequivocally being your strong, independent self and for teaching me so much in such a short amount of time.
Indianapolis isn't bad, but Irish I was back in Ireland exploring with all these wonderful people. #cheers
Flew all the way to London just to yell "Wenger Out" outside the Emirates.
Tried finding some clever quote about running from Ben Franklin, but apparently he wasn't a big fitness enthusiast. Thank you for convincing me to run 13.1 around the City of Brotherly Love, even if it was only 40 degrees out.
Have you ever seen a longer scarf in your life??
🎶walkin' in a yinzer wonderland🎶
The only walls we're setting up are four man walls to protect America's greatest asset, Timmy Howard. #DosaUno #moreimmigrantsplease
Just got this gem off of Aunt Reen's camera. Probably the best picture of the four of us in existence. #fambamohhotdamn #MeetTheForses
Glad I got to spend the weekend celebrating you and rescued doggos. Not glad the Eagles walloped the Steelers.
Posted: Jun 7, 2016 7:49 PM
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I still haven't come to terms with the fact that my time playing for PCB is over, but I'm forever thankful for the memories and friends I've made along the way. I'll miss playing more than I can explain, but I'll always be supporting my guys. (PCB, Amen x6)
Posted: May 17, 2016 10:34 PM
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Third time's a charm, as they say. Love this group of 28 guys who refuse to give up. North Atlantic Regional champs has a nice ring to it, but I'm excited to get to Paducah and shake things up in the World Series. #deybo #Fish #FrogPerkey #DelawareBlows
One of us is going to be an Ivy League scholar, and I'll give you a hint, that person doesn't need glasses. I'm so lucky to have graduated from the best university in the world with my best friend. Now for a few months of relaxation before the real world comes calling.
Happy 19th birthday to my oldest confidant & biggest antagonizer. I'm proud of you in all of your endeavors and will always be there to chat or to be swiped into Market. Love you, ya little brat.
Some people like to spend Spring Break relaxing at home with their family, but I prefer to play 8 games in 6 days with 25 other degenerates by my side. #PCB #deybo #8-0
From 51 Forrest Glen to 108 Brickbarn to 339 Oakland the goal has always been the same: get good grades and have some fun. Here's to a new semester with my first friend.
Slowly realizing that as much as I complained about this job, it's probably the best one around. Great group of guys to work with and the best boss a kid could ask for. I'll miss it for sure. #AJCantBike #Pudding #GangGang #Litner #TwoByTwo #Braxton
A few days late, but I'm thankful for the chance to play a Turkey Bowl with my guys on the field that is generally the bane of my existence. #AjeHasMono #ShawnPickSix #seeyalaterbaby #OxMen #WalterMcCulloughLearningCenter