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eylassie 279w ago
I bought some more ghetto hoops to add to the collection. Secretly I want to be a chola.

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So pleased to see @museummammy speak tonight in conversation with Stephen Best. She's actively changing how we talk about and see art history and I can't wait to see what she gets into next.
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I bet you have many materials already at home that you could donate to help those affected by the fire in the north bay. Extra art supplies, pet food, tampons, toilet paper, new socks, clean sheets, blankets, stickers for the kiddos, shampoo are just some of the things I'm sending up there. Sooo many places right around you are accepting donations: @stfrancisfountainsf @minnesotastreetproject @heartdaggeroakland , City Team in San Jose (1297 North 13th Street, San Jose), @peninsulajcc, Movement Strategy Center (Oakland), @freshautobodyinc. For my Reno buds: get in touch with @beccawhistler. Send some love and good thoughts...
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Lady friends make the best wedding dates. Thanks for wearing fake eyelashes with me @lizmayorga1 😘
Thanks for getting us outside @lizmayorga1 and thank you for being born. You're an inspiration and force who means so much to me.
This Thursday an alien portal will open up at @grayareaorg as part of a wave of performances happening this fall for SonicLAB ((8))! I took part in guest curating a multimedia installation by some super talented artists I've been lurking since I saw their work at the Whitney Biennial this year. Porpentine Charity Heartscape, Neotenomie, and Rook are known for their choose-your-own-adventure games, fantasy worlds, and stirring musical arrangements. I hope you can check out their newly commissioned work that may lead you into some swampy regions: 8-11pm on September 14! One day only! Link for tix in bio.
In Yogyakarta just long enough to get sick, recover, and see these two beauties in one day. Borobudur and Prambanan.
I don't wish the traffic here upon anyone!! .
Headed back to California today.
Uluwatu Temple. Turn up the volume to hear the live gamelan music in the background.
Hey friends, the Kickstarter for the event I'm curating is still going on! I'm hoping you'll donate to support three artists in my community, Porpentine Charity Heartscape, Neotenomie, and Rook. There's a new reward for those who donate: half price event tickets! Link is in my bio.
Let's see what Instagram algorithms work to make this show up in your feed: graduation marriage proposal new job bought a house vacation birthday pregnant
Excited to announce I am guest curating an event opening on September 14 for the SonicLABS ((8)) Biennial featuring the artists Porpentine Charity Heartscape, Neotenomie, and Rook! 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼I am launching a Kickstarter to raise *just* $2,000 for some production costs, travel fees, and artistic collaborations. I would love your support and I would love for you to come to the event! The link is in my bio. 👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼
The 2017 biennial theme revolves around the idea of Infrastructure and the artists will respond to this theme in a one-night only experimental multimedia collaboration at Gray Area to summon a dimensional portal to a xenoplastic ecosystem. Their work, titled Sporegloss Bug Train Xenophoria, will irradiate the venue with mutant infrastructures alien and familiar on September 14, time TBA!
Maybe it's meeting misery with misery, but this show was just what I needed this past weekend. .

Taraneh Hemami, Power People, 2015, aluminum stencils, satin banner, and mural
Sitting in foul ball territory for the O's vs A's game. 🙈Super tough game to root for! I've spent about equal time in Maryland and California at this point.
Feeling lucky I can welcome this weirdo passion flower into my little life. I love its intricacies and curly lil tendrils!! I'm thankful for another curl friend 👯 and that we can grow in some dour conditions together in soil and otherwise. Here's to this alien thing GOING CRAZY on my fence!!
I never had the desire to visit the Legion of Honor until FAMSF started doing this stuff.