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A moment of living in the present ^ something we've gotten really good at doing and embracing (even when it ruins all our plans)
Walked 30 miles through the backyards of remote indigenous Kobi tribes who called us "children of the forest," crossing rivers & jungles in the Sierra Nevada Mountains (v tired now)
Mysteriously made it out unharmed when the majority of our hiking group ended the week with viruses and pink eye 😷✨
matt putting his clothes back on at a nude beach. Disappointed because all of the nudes hid on the edge of the jungle out of view. 🙍🏽‍♂️
Trudged through waist deep water, got lost in the Colombian jungle, slept in hammocks, laughed my ass off 95% of the time thnk u Mateo, Colombia 🇨🇴 u be fine
23 cheeses & a liter o vino 👄
Hasta luego Guate, not sad cause I know I'll definitely come back soon
Happy 36th birthday Belize, love you love you love ya
Have a scroll through these lovely pics -- we've got a giant sweet spot for San Marcos and it's emphasis on health. Thought it was tourism but learned from those pictured above that it actually started locally from the village's culture surrounding traditional Mayan medicine.

We ate with Paulina and her fam everyday here until they asked us to help create something online to advertise their healthy restaurant, hense d pics ^