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We’re doing really great things here and streaming everything live with interaction from the audience online. it’s a lot of fucking work, but its been such a great week and we have 2 more to go, plus I love Atlanta and it’s nice to see friends!
Travis exploring our IRL space in VR and on the internet - lots of things happening this month
Ready to choreograph the lights & to get a haircut/sleep. Group show opens tomorrow @manacontemporary
Excited for #ThatsNotIt this Saturday @manacontemporary! This is a 3D rendering of the piece I’ll be showing. I made this video almost a year ago. Back then it was just an idea, but it has slowly been coming alive this month. The whole @manabsmt crew is showing + some awesome guest artists, curated by @alexczetwertynski - hope to see some of you here! (The second video is not the finished piece)
yopablo 10w ago
Here I am in front of Moment! Our first big permanent interactive light installation. @dolbylabs HQ 2015! #platograph #ssttuuddiioo
yopablo 10w ago
Pretty neat new app #platograph to push pixels around. A bit limited and pricey, but sure is fun. This photo is from one of the prototypes of #snowblind a collaboration with @the_principals & @studiostudionyc 2015!
yopablo 12w ago
#Regram @manacontemporary // couldn’t be more stoked to be in this group show with a piece i’ve been wanting to make for almost a year now! ・・・
We are excited to announce the opening of a new group exhibition, "That's not it," curated by @manabsmt resident Alex Czetwertynski (@alexczetwertynski). "That's not it" will include works by both #ManaBSMT residents & guest artists, and conceptually plays with our need to categorize art practices, while insisting on the “tip of the tongue” moment we all feel when confronted with the endless range of the so-called “Post-New Media Art”. Join us for the opening reception on August 19, 5PM-12AM. RSVP at
yopablo 13w ago
Visit~~> / / An exhibition for art that engages the viewer as collaborator via interactive livestream #opencall
yopablo 14w ago
#wedidntplaytestthisatall is a great game when the power goes out and/or just in general
yopablo 14w ago / / calling on friends, if you or someone you know has ever wanted to get weird with collaboration + livestreaming let me know : we are putting together a month of projects and are looking for cross discipline participants. DM + website for more details. / #9to5wip