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Mmm hjemmelavet burger :-D

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Don't call it a dream, call it a plan 👊✨ I'm very grateful for being surrounded by talented people and today was just an awesome day in Stockholm 🙌💥 #glowrepeat
Let's go somewhere where the stars kiss the ocean ⭐💋🌊 I think I found that place 🙏 Thank you beautiful Crete for three amazing weeks 🌞 #wanderlust
Hello? 📞👀 Nope still not coming home, but I promise to send some 🌞 #wanderlust
The sea below me 🌊 The sky above me ⛅ It makes me feel small 🙏 It makes me feel free 🐬#wanderlust
Wow Sweden at its best 👌💟 Loving Gotland 🌴💋 Will be back again in August to party with @instaxsverige at Kallis 🎉🌺👯 #glowrepeat
Feeling lucky when I get to snap a moment like this @instaxdanmark #rf17 #theweeknd 📷🎶🤘 #glowrepeat
When you get to hang out with this cutie @bentsenn at #rf17 🎶 and drink straight out of a pineapple🍍🍹 you know life is just 👌✨ #glowrepeat
Yay… I'm so excited and grateful! ❣️ As you may know I´ve been so lucky to work with @instaxdanmark for some time 🤳 And I'm so thrilled that #glowrepeat will now be representing @instaxsverige and @instaxnorge too ✌ Together with the amazing FujiFilm Nordic team, we will be rolling out cool plans in all 3 countries! First stop is Roskilde Festival and then Gotland in Sweden 🎉 #huge #topmotivated #entrepreneur
...and so the adventure begins 🛫🌊✨ Thank you @nordicseaplanes for getting me swift back and forth for my meetings today in Aarhus 😍 A perfect way to travel👌 #glowrepeat #businessonthego
You know...I have a thing for flamingos 💕 So of course this was love at first sight, when I saw this fancy hat 😍 Bring on the sun 🌴☀️🌊 Oh and the blog is updated too! #fancyflamingo
My girls leave a little sparkle wherever they go #glowrepeat ✨😍 Thank you everyone for a wonderful company trip to the lovely @ystadsaltsjobad 🥂 🌊
Capturing urban moments in Stockholm today 📷 And on my way I found a pretty avocado toast & cappuccino 😋🥑☕ #glowrepeat
Rose o'clock 🍷 Another wonderful day in great company 💃💃 Stockholm you got me 💘 #glowrepeat
Being creative & drinking cortados ☕☕ Bringing our A-game to Stockholm @karinang_ 🤘💕🌠#glowrepeat
Best day ever in Stockholm 🤣 Yoga, interview & organic lunch 🥗 When work & happiness comes together in a moment of perfect bliss 🙏#glowrepeat #creativeagency
Meetings, matcha latte and so mysigt 🍵💕@karinang_ and I are on a mission, stay tuned! 👯 #glowrepeat #creativeagency
So we meet again Stockholm 😍 Early mornings and marshmallows 😋☕ Exciting week ahead 🙌 #glowrepeat #creativeagency