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Take yesterday evening, the flames were about 1.5 miles from the reservoir and seemed to stretch endlessly to the North and West. To offer perspective, immediately to the East if the ridge I'm standing on is the city of Fort Collins.

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3 Things that make me most happy:
1. Mountain tops
2. Good people
3. Tacos

Only 1 of those is missing here.

#tacos #myhappyplace
Gaining the ridge. The Milky Way gave a show of her own in the wee hours of Tuesday morning following the solar eclipse on Monday. Along with a few stray meteors late to the Perseid party. Impossible not to turn the headlamp off and just stare in awe for a bit.
The mountains served a fine slice of humble pie today. What started as a magical morning with a solo 3 summit goal turned into a single summit pukefest/crawl-for-survival. Altitude sickness gets us all at some point I guess, today for reasons unknown. I paid my dues in some dinner leftovers left on a saddle in the Collegiates and "drunkenly" stumbled my way back down to some sweet sweet O2. So it goes some days. These mountains aren't going anywhere and neither am I. Plus my pre-vomit sunrise jam fest was nothing short of epic. Here's to the better part of my morning, and an afternoon spent forgetting the lesser part of my morning! #winning
I generally think of 'hot mess' as my permanent state of being. That being said the first photo is from 2 1/2 days ago- unaware of the incubating beast of a round of strep throat lurking in my body. 2nd photo is today, after finally being convinced I shouldn't let a stupid high fever go unchecked for so long and finally went to the hospital. A shot of penicillin and another of steroids to the ass and I can finally stay conscious for more than an hour at a time. That damn snickers predicted my future.
Here's to a throat so painful it can barely handle solid foods, tonsils so inflamed they made the doc cringe, but a fever that finally broke! And catching up on all the sleep I've been skipping this summer. 🤒😁☀️
As all mountain athletes know, it's all about what you eat, the fuel you put in your body... which is why I hardly consider myself an athlete. More just a girl who likes to play hard in the mountains, get weird in the wilderness, and take bites out of big stacks of tortillas when the challenge is presented.
#funisthebest #getweird #surewhynot #fuelup #mountainbabes
I can't even begin to comprehend how awesome last week was. So many adventures, such amazing people to share them with!! Hiking/snow climbing/sun cup traversing all the while giggling to Crested Butte over West Maroon Pass was the icing on that delicious cake though. While most of the trail is still quite buried under snow, the CB side delivered wildflower filled meadows- as it usually does. Again for your birthday next year @my_name_is_carl13 ??
#utestaff @utemountaineer @skiwithsoul
Sun cups on point in the backcountry y'all. June adventure skiing at its best!! #nobaddays
Lately, days have been defined by morning adventures on the pass and then racing down to make it to work in the afternoon. Or, when I'm with @my_name_is_carl13 they may be misadventures and you may be late to work 😝
Here's to sunsets and moonrises from 12,095ft. Here's to a home without cell service, and a view without a price tag. Here's to morning meditations in the mist of a puking river. Here's to not having what you don't need- and not needing much.