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  Posted: Jun 12, 2012 12:29 PM FEED
3 Amaro
No heat curls = a mama's lifesaver.

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Walks to pick buggy up from school are ten times cuter now (and take ten times longer).
I’m just trying to be as happy as Aster laying in a giant pit filled with corn kernels 🌽
Fakest smiles ever 🤷🏽‍♀️ Still cute!
Posted: Oct 10, 2017 6:06 PM
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It’s #worldmentalhealthday. Let’s talk about it. This picture was taken in 2015 when I went off my meds for three months for the first time since 2010. I spent a good part of my days crying, often in my bathroom so my kids couldn’t see me. I had a beautiful family, beautiful home, my husband was making plenty of money that allowed me to work from home and be with my babies, my friends were plentiful and loyal and kind. It didn’t matter to my brain and my body. My brain constantly whispered that I was not enough, that no one really liked me, that my body was ugly, that terrible things could and would happen at any given moment. My anxiety has always been an underlying issue but it didn’t really manifest into ugliness until after Saren was born. Intrusive thoughts, nervous tics, ocd behavior. I would lay awake, sometimes literally all night, thinking of all the awful things that could happen to my child and husband. Checking door locks and windows 1000 times. Two good friends and coworkers found me sobbing hysterically in the coat closet at work because Mike hadn’t texted me back in a timely manner so I was positive he and Saren were dead in a car crash. They gently suggested that maybe this was more than normal every day worry. That’s when I decided to seek help. Mental illness runs in my family, I wanted so badly to be able to handle my life without medication but that’s just not the way it is for me right now and maybe not ever. I take daily meds and use cannabis to control anxiety attacks and help me sleep. I can usually get through a day without intrusive thoughts. If you are suffering, please know, you are not alone. You are so far from alone. There are so many different therapies, medications, people that can help. Don’t give up, please don’t give up. The more we communicate (when we feel comfortable and ready) the more we kill the stigma of mental illness. So much love to all who are suffering, it’s hard work every day. I’m proud me and I’m proud of you. ❤️ Picture by my Branny, @branolive, one of the few people who was there by my side the whole time.
Happy 7th birthday to the boy who started it all. We’ve been completely obsessed with you since the moment you were born, it is truly the greatest gift and joy to watch you grow. Hilarious, sweet, kind and so freaking smart. Happy Birthday buggy boy ❤️
Take me back to yesterday. Someday we will wake up every day to the water 💙
Seven years ago today I was hugely pregnant, binge watching the Sex and the City box set (@bear_beans_bubs 😘), we were broke as a joke, living in a tiny two bedroom townhouse in Centreville, VA and driving a hand me down Jeep. In my dreams, I imagined the life we have now. I’m pretty sure we can do anything if we do it together .
First ballet class and she asked for a snack several times. #likemotherlikedaughter
I got an iPhone 8 + and I’m a photographer now. But look at this gorgeous child 😍
@laurenlukrich Russian exotic slinky melting around the pole forever. Kiska forever. Girls doing whatever the fuck they want forever. 🖤 #kiska #kiskapole #pleasers #russianexotic #russianexoticpole #flow #lowflow
If anyone needs posing tips, feel free to hit up Aster Lux. ✨
#tbt to this little orange 🍊 with a squishy chin and 🍞legs.
When you like to make your dad realllly nervous by scooting your butt as close to the edge as possible 😂
Just a perfect tiny lady rowing her rock boat on the river 💜
Rooks Hood River is open and amazing 😍 @hellandgrace and @barbermikethomas worked so damn hard and this place went from an idea to a tangible shop in the span of about 4 months. 💪🏼 Work hard, be kind and be picky about who you work with and for, it pays off. #rooksbarbershop
Posted: Sep 12, 2017 5:10 PM
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Hi I hate brushing my hair and I love resisting fascism and smashing the patriarchy. My fav @rooksbarbershop shirt. #RESIST
Aster would stay with Mike in the shop all day if we let her ❤️