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Tomatoes and wax beans from the yard...still have to water, and spray as even the Swiss chard, peppers and sunflowers are producing
These are the herb's I cut this morning.peppermint, basil, parsley, sage & cilantro with a guest appearance from my biggest avocado plant ever.
The moon has been doing some really wonderful things the past couple of nights and I just watched it rise up and get even brighter!
It is so nice to know I am thought of and invited to such events by my is a blessing @missycharney , the networking has been!!! #memorial scholarshipbrumchnaacp
All beaded and ready to go. Did some intricate replacements of missing beads after setting at the waist. By far one of my favorites!
This is how I hustled her wedding gown with left over stones to form her own special buttons
I am just that busy that the man jumped in to hem 2pants because the needle is broke on the blind stitch machine & I honestly prefer the hand
Funky ascot to bring out this trim on the collar...yes I set trends and spoil my male clients by opening up the style draw of creativity #rfdesigns_studio_shop #reneefrancedesigns
This is what happens when you want to work on a design outside and leave your work for a couple of minutes...
Does anyone know what this plant is or these Berries are? Can we eat them? I don't see the birds eating them, but the ants have done a job on the leaves!
So as tired as I was from leaving the hospital and my cousins still visiting late, late at the hospital...I read this magnificent book until 3am! $store find!
This is one of my many tried and true ways I help save the earth and a designer we need to be more conscious on the daily waste created...