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cataphrax 278w ago
Cinta terlarang

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I'm gonna die in a place that don't know my name.
Great setup as always from the good folks at vans malaysia.
Usually not a fan of the jza90 platform but this thing was proper.
If this bike doesn't win an award ill lose all hope in humanity wtf.
Days like these will eventually become distant memories.
Enduring a wedding sober is always a challenge. Also when did these things get so damn loud?
Annual raya spread at casa de mofiz. Sape tak kene jemput, sucks to be you. #homecooked #kentangkrew #shukmaneshuk
10 days, 2280km, hundreds of dollars of RM7 per liter diesel, sun, rain and fog in 18°c - 4°c "summer" weather. The skoda was super huge and the diesel was really great to drive in sports mode but i think it didnt feel as sure footed because of the long wheelbase paired to a front wheel drive configuration. Too bad ours wasnt the 4WD model. That might have made it much more fun to drive.
#skodasuperb #wagonlife