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hugatriii 279w ago

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Those blue angels weren't nearly as cool as my dad is! ✈️🌊
Sunday night depression is kickin in.....🤦🏽‍♀️
Happy Purple Friday and Happy Birthday to this sweet sweet person! We miss you so so much Aunt Nina 💜 #restinpeace
It was solidified last night that he is definitely the one I got my dance moves from......and maybe also my weirdness. #likefatherlikedaughter
My best friend is my favorite date to any wedding ❤️
When the strongest person in this whole mess is the only one sick. We love you so much Aunt Nina! #ninaspurplefridays 💜💜💜
take. us. back...
HBD to my travelin' best friend! So lucky to know you, and can't wait to see what this 28th year of life will bring! love you so much! ❤️
¡Adios España! Hello Ireland! 🇮🇪🍀 #eurocool
📸: @dj.alew
Spending money, gettin turnt...from one place to the next! #adioscasualties #newcitynewchapter 🤑
Got to Spain last night and realized we left our Reese's cups in the freezer in Portugal. #fourthcasualty #portuCOOL
Photocreds to our italian friends we made due to eryn tossing her hat over the side of the castle just before this picture was taken. #thirdcasualty #dontworry #wegotitback #shediditfortheboom (peep the view) bye portugal😭 hello spain😍
Remember that one time in 8th grade when we cried cuz we weren't going to the same high school??? Ya me too. #stillbesties #10yearslater
Celebrated this heartbreaker's soon to be cousin today! Can't wait to meet you baby E! ❤️ #babyardoin #dj
Still so mad at myself for not saving the only pic I got with the bride without the writing.... but she was way too stunning not to post! Love you so much Mel! can't wait to watch you and Caleb take on this next chapter of life together, and also can't wait to come crash with you guys in Austin. Thanks for letting me share in on this special day!! ❤️🎉 #badderup
When your brother picks a friend to date, family functions become even more fun 🎉