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boltron 279w ago
A really broad rough sketch of my current status

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Mars mission prep 🚀 👽 ✨ Shot on that buttery @light L16 #Rai⚡️
First shot on the @light L16! Pretty into it so far. Each full DNG is 418mb 😳
That #harvestmoon last night 🙌🏼. Shout-out to my mom for telling us to come outside. 🙏🏼
Can’t believe our little guy is a month old already. Trying to slow down and enjoy the time. 📸 by tía @jayzombie
Welcome to the world, Raiden Bruce Bolt! Born yesterday, 8lbs 10oz. We already love him so much. 📸's by Auntie @jayzombie #cedarsbabies
Wait is #nationaldogday really a thing? Throwback to sitting in a field of poppies. Luckily those Snells weren't around.
Tree looked at the eclipse without Mylar? Drove past this on 101N in LA near Silverlake Blvd., about 15min ago. It was so hot I felt the heat through my windows. Crazy.
boltron 11w ago
Almost done setting up the nursery for baby bolt 👶🏼⚡️🎉 Photo by @jayzombie
boltron 12w ago
Throwback to that time an LA tree thought it was fall.
boltron 13w ago
Prince Charles surveys the kingdom from his throne, wondering why anyone would seek an Iron Throne when his throne is, like, way more comfortable.