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  Posted: Jun 11, 2012 9:35 AM FEED
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haha the two planes in the background look like one on top of the other xD #japan

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User Image felixgsz Posted: Nov 12, 2017 9:05 PM (UTC)
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Barely a week more till finals, time to up the tempo 🔥 #throwback to HHN7 #onthegrind
User Image felixgsz Posted: Oct 29, 2017 12:14 PM (UTC)
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Fate led me to you but love brought us tgt 💏 Up till now I still really feel very blessed to be able to call you mine 😻 Forever stuck on you and never ever letting you go 😜😘💋💕
User Image felixgsz Posted: Oct 28, 2017 10:09 AM (UTC)
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User Image felixgsz Posted: Oct 28, 2017 6:48 AM (UTC)
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Really happy to be able to go through KCW again with you guys!! Missing honzhen and janwai. Have to thank my seniors @helloimwai @exzhen for their guidance for the past one year, I have really learnt alot from you guys and hope to still continue doing so!

@afreinmuffin Even though you didnt dance with us this time you really gave us alot of support as vice director, your harsh compliments really motivated us alot xD

Thanks @andyko94 for always being a bro as well as teaching me so many dances haha We've come a long way tgt and I hope that we will be able to achieve our goal!

And of course special thanks to my honeyyy @clarlovespink for always being there to support and encourage me! Look what introducing me to Kpop has become hahaha 😛 You did really well for your first time as dance capt this year and Im really proud of you 😍 I am really thankful that we got to finally join a CCA tgt and share the stage tgt so many times! 😘💕 Hopefully we will get to have another couple dance tgt 👫💋
#ntukcw2017 #ntukdp
Honestly I couldnt have asked for a better crew to start my 2nd year journey in KDP with me

KCW always happens to fall during the period when im having tests but I would have done it all over again as every prac that we had was just so fun and full of good vibes!

Our crew has managed to become so bonded throughout our short time tgt and as I said before I was really impressed by everyones attitude and willingness to learn and improve 😄👍 Even though we might not be able to perf tgt again as 11, I am really looking forward to dancing with you guys again in the future 😉💙 #ntukcw2017 #ntukdp #kpopdancecovers #withdrawals #wannaone #ntunited
Presenting to you our KDP Energizers 😎 One day down, one more day to go, if you missed our performance you can still catch us in action tmr at 12.30pm 💃 Thanks to everyone who came down to support us and also through our instalive @ntukdp 😊 #ntukcw2017 #ntukdp @wannaone.official #wannaone #energetic #kpopdancecover #ntunited
User Image felixgsz Posted: Oct 25, 2017 4:11 PM (UTC)
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NTU KDP is having our Annual Korean Cultural Week from 10am to 4pm this Thurs and Fri (26 & 27 Oct), @ NTU North Spine Canopy K 😄 Do drop by our booths and make sure not to miss our Kpop Dance Performances at 12.30pm on both days! 💃🙌 @ntukdp #ntukdp #wannaone @wannaone.official #kpopdancecover #rehearsal #ntukcw2017 #energetic #denim
User Image felixgsz Posted: Oct 23, 2017 5:39 AM (UTC)
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You've seen our live performance, heres the long awaited cover version of Seventeen - Don't Wanna Cry 🎶 Link in bio 💃 @saythename_17 @ntukdp #seventeen #dontwannacry #ntukdp #kpopdancecover
User Image felixgsz Posted: Oct 11, 2017 3:15 PM (UTC)
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User Image felixgsz Posted: Oct 3, 2017 9:46 AM (UTC)
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Turning concert tees into couple tees 😂 Coming back to school everyday during recess week, but the time spent with you makes it worthwhile @clarlovespink 😘💕
Second ever Kpop concert with @clarlovespink 💖 and first with @andyko94 @afreinmuffin @helloimwai 😄 definitely didnt regret getting the Cat 1 seats, the view was amazing af 🔥 Best concert experience so far~ #seventeen #diamondedge #scoups #carats
User Image felixgsz Posted: Aug 19, 2017 2:15 PM (UTC)
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Seventeen - Don't Wanna Cry part 4/4
Look forward to our Don't Wanna Cry MV dance cover coming soon
@ntukdp #ntukdp #ntufest2017 @saythename_17 #seventeen #dontwannacry #kpopdancecover
User Image felixgsz Posted: Aug 19, 2017 1:23 PM (UTC)
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User Image felixgsz Posted: Aug 19, 2017 12:21 PM (UTC)
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Seventeen - Don't Wanna Cry part 1/4

Performace for NTU Fest today, and last performance in awhile 😥😂 Check out our 360° 'stage' 😉
@ntukdp #ntukdp #ntufest2017 @saythename_17 #seventeen #dontwannacry #kpopdancecover
User Image felixgsz Posted: Aug 19, 2017 5:10 AM (UTC)
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User Image felixgsz Posted: Aug 16, 2017 1:14 AM (UTC)
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GOT7 - Never Ever

Our perf for the CCA exhibition ytd with 4/7 of the crew 😎 last official prac for this dance was back in April when we filmed our dance cover 😂
Do drop by LT19 this Thurs 17 Aug, from 7-9pm for our Welcome Tea Session 🙌 There will be even more performances as well as refreshments for you to look forward to 🍴😜 📷 cr: @victorlwy
Crew: @andyko94 @beelee1993 @exzhen
#ntukdp #got7 #neverever #kpopdancecover
Boom boom crew 😎 2 down 1 to go, catch us at our CCA welcome tea session next week 💃 #ntukdp