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Korean BBQ makes everything better. 🇰🇷🍖✨
Dusk photoshoot at a freshly rained on Japanese Garden. It's comforting to know in a growingly stressful world that we have a few escapes in the city to find your center. 🏮✨
From photo essay on Otto's Sausage Kitchen in latest issue of Edible Portland. "A Century of Sausage" 🌭✨
Captured this woman stretching in front of the fountain. Right place at the right time. Story of my life. Feeling blessed in my career. Just signed a new lease at a dream photo studio. Details to come with a big opening party. New clients in Portland, Oakland and LA. Upward and onward! 🚀✨
This weekend is the 2nd annual Support Black Restaurant Days in Portland—a chance to raise awareness and support for the more than 60 black-owned restaurants, cafes and food carts in Portland. Here is co-owners Mixologist Andy Boggs and Chef Chris Hopkins of Mama San Soul Shack. 🍴✊🏾✨
High atop a building today with a hard hat and vest shooting for Walsh Construction.👷🏻✨ Photo: @ajmeeker
Shooting portraits at a winery today. Doing the SE coffee power up. ☕️💪🏻
Taking some pictures of pianos scattered across the city for @pianopushplay. Sometimes magic happens when two complete strangers do a jazzed up version of Heart and Soul. All is well in the universe. 🎹👊🏻✨
Sherrard Point on Larch Mountain. Spectacular views of Mt Hood, Adams, St Helen’s, Rainier and Jefferson in one spot! Did a 6.5 mile hike and finished here. 🏔✨
The Vivienne Porridge. At the time I said best I've ever had but that's just cray. Top 5 for sure. Candied orange rinds and crumbled pistachios did it for me. 🍓✨