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Brunch in Hoodies

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The boys are so excited to get the new @zenpencils book of inspirational quotes for kids!! Thanks Gavin.
About to do a DNA test to find out what my genes reveal!
@styleandshenanigans goes out and I’m giving the boys a slightly different 80s music education to what they normally get.
Pretty chuffed with my view. Look for me behind the killers during the preshow. I will be the guy waving silver Pom poms. #aflgrandfinal #aflgrandfinal2017 #aflgf
Desperate times call for desperate measures tonight.
Fun times at the MCG today for the @afl live site. Kids collected autographs from Jack Silvagni, Jarryd Roughead, Jack Watts, Sam Docherty and Gillon McLachlan.
On Dad duty most of today with school holidays so hit the cafe early to get a couple of hours work done early.
Enjoyed watching the Tigers win tonight with our friends who are avid tiger fans. #afltigersgiants #aflfinals
Mr 9's first draft of his grandpa who recently passed.
Mr 6 just presented me with his latest portrait of me. He nailed it.
Mr 9's portrait of Vincent Van Gogh
Keep getting better and better. Richard Fidler and Jennifer White. #ozpod2017
Listening to Jennifer White from Making Oprah podcast at #ozpod2017
Woke up feeling a little sad that this is my first Father's Day without seeing Mr 11 and @styleandshenanigans (they left for China on a school trip late last night). I opened my door to find a message to follow the signs. At the end they had put a message from Michael Jackson on the TV, were dressed in my football team colors, had the team theme song playing on their iPads, had made me a DIY #1 Dad badge and had their $5 presents from school stall and hand made cards. Best Father's Day ever. Thanks Mr 9 and Mr 6.
Reading/hot chocolate date with Mr 6 before school.
Kids enjoying the Tech and Gadget show.
Mr 6 found my old iPod from 2005 and is walking around like this all day. #Retro