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Frolicking and exploring around in the aspens 🍂
Colorado never ceases to amaze me, I feel so at home in these mountains ♡ 🏔✨
Canyon side flow with @catfish_squiggle on the guitar. Grateful for these irreplaceable moments ♡ ✨
Mountain top adventures with my beautiful friends. Surrounded by the fiery autumnal colors. Life is good ♡
"If I can't dance to it, it's not my revolution"
Stretching to the sound of the rain outside the windows this morning ♡ 🌧✨ in case you couldn't tell, Buddha is a big fan of joining in on yoga time 💓
"Beneath your feet is only common ground" ♡ 🌱🌎💓✨🌿
Haven't posted a hoop video in over a month, it's about that time! Here's some flow from my hike the other day 💕
Finding solace on these mountain tops.. surrendering to the sacred forces that surround us ♡
Mountain looooove ♡ this state is so incredible. Constantly impressed with all this beauty 💕🌿
Some creekside flow from earlier this year 🌱
Can't wait for some hammock healing tomorrow ✨ I love escaping into the mountains! Perseid meteor shower here I come ~ 💫⛰🌓🌿♡
Running around in fields of wildflowers on top of mountains with my fur baby at my side provokes an unparalleled state of bliss ♡