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Another comic show haul.

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Inktober - Day 9 - American Werewolf
Inktober Day 10 - American Werewolf - inks in progress
Inktober Day 6 - Stripe from Gremlins
Inktober - Day 4 - Bigfoot! Aka Harry
Inktober Day 4 - Bigfoot preview... I have to be up for NYCC IN 5 hours so I think this guy will have to wait a little while...
Whew - think I made it! First day of #inktober2017 - Alien! Using the @jimorileycomicartist list! All my inktober drawings will be available for sale after the end of the month!
Inktober begins tomorrow! Crazy it’s already been a year since I did these drawings. Here’s a look back at some of my sketches from last years #inktober. Looking forward to what everyone creates this year!
Another commission sketch in progress. This time a young lady named Tessa, who wanted a drawing of herself as Ladybug from Miraculous.
Spider-Man sketch cover finish.
Spider-Man sketch cover commission in progress...
Batman and Robin Super Friends sketch cover I did today at Gotham Underground for Batman Day! Thanks to all who stopped by the table chatted, and bought stuff! It was a pleasure to meet you all. And a big thanks to Matt and Rob of the shop for having me in!