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He plunged a dagger into the heart of the USMNT hopes, but Roman Torres is always my boy! #seattlesounders #panama
🎶 Are you ready for the summer...are you ready for the good times 🎶 #tetherdesigncamp
Super, super, super, super proud of everyone at Pretty much studio wide effort to bring the new website to life. Enjoy!
Made a random friend while watching some soccer practice. Soccer ⚽️ 🐱
Re-post from @ohcrikay as she caught Sam launching one of several nice corners in the weekend win over Mercer Island (5-2 with a man short on the field and no subs).
#soccer #seattleunited #seattlesoccer
Sam delivering one of his patented sweet corner kicks. Full day of footy capped off with B06 West Black taking down MIFC 5-2 despite being a player down with no subs. I have taken to standing well away from the pitch and not yelling any instruction etc. Sam has really appreciated that. ;)

#seattleunited #letsgoboys
We design amazing brands and incredible packaging. Medical splints? Working on it. #notmyhand
Great morning hanging out with @snorriman and seeing a very solid show of Robert Longo, Goya and Eisenstein at the @brooklynmuseum. Goosd stuff NYC! See you again in the future!
Really stunning show of Diana Al Hadid. Spent some time with these ... although a little strong smelling. #freshart
Pretty great Maya Lin work. Arctic & Antarctic Circles.
Just landed in NYC, good coffee and breakfast AND there's a legendary raid about to pop around the corner. Gonna be a good day of art...and maybe some Pokémon.