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Summer has now left the building, reflections of Autumn here we come! 🍂🍁🍃
Gherkin 🇬🇧
One of my fave buildings in London.
Monday here we come! A snap from yesterday's #wetandwindy #wwim16 instameet. Have a good day everyone!! 🙌🙌🙌 #igerslondon
A fun morning on this weekend's #igersinstacruise with the @igerslondon gang! Big thanks to @citycruises and @transportforlondon who made it all possible! I hope everyone made it home safe 🙏 #tflrivermeet #transportforlondon #igerslondon #citycruises #londonisopen
"This staircase", a must see on any visit to St Pancras! 🇬🇧 or #igerslondonis6 birthday bus tour!
Join @igerslondon for a double decker of an instameet when we celebrate our community's sixth birthday #igerslondonis6 AND instagram's 15th Worldwide Instameet Day #wwim15.
We've hired not one but two Red Routemaster London Buses for a special tour around town... Join us.. Sat 25 March.. Visit @igerslondon's profile URL to reserve your place now 🚌 🚌 ✨✨ #wwim15_london
🇷🇴 Romanian Athenaeum: Best stage in the world?
🇷🇴 The majestic Romanian Athenaeum

Also, Happy New Year!! 🎉🎉🎉
🇫🇷 Les Quai de la Fontaine
Impressive Roman aquaduct system stretching out to the Pont Du Gard and beyond bringing fresh water from the mountains to the City of Nîmes since ancient times. 🙌🇫🇷✨