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  Posted: Jun 10, 2012 10:52 AM FEED
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  • Suddenly stopped being naughty when on his shoulder Hehehe

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Thought that counts and surely know I uses Amazon a lot these days for baking stuffs 😊😊 #birthdaycontinuesinedinburgh
Back to office after 2 weeks to this Autumn view.. leaves off the trees 🍂🍃and rainbow above it 🌈🌈🌈 #edinburgh #scotland #nofilter
20 years of friendship and counting - Honoured being able to spend some quality time with busy mommies ❤ #friendsinceschoolband #wemarchandblowmusictogether #foreverfriends @jessetkh @lovivien
My SG JPM Credit Family - Thanks for making the time and for the sumptuous meal at my fav lunch place that I always liked when I was still working in JPM SG! I will be back! #sgjpmfolks #stillfeelslikeihaventleftsgoffice @mellyhohoho @nicholasst
Us from Liverpool to Singapore and now being separated again. Its great being able to catch up with you @fiolsn during this short trip #goodoldfriends #missedourliverpooltimes
It is a ritual to celebrate our birthdays together for the past few years and we would always make it up eventhough we missed the actual date. Thank you both my babes 😂😂 I miss spending our times catching up!! #exocbcsgcolleagues #exccrcolleague @banmine @fiiloniia
You know who you are buddy ~ Thanks very much for the awesome #afternoontea birthday treat in HK - love the view and the special #bluecheesechicken #waffle #roselatte #nofilter
Shopped for my baking needs in HK and these will travel back with me to 🇬🇧🇬🇧 #amandabakes
Shopped till I drop - baking stuffs stocked up back to UK to continue my exploration #amandabakes