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Blues’n for some more pow! ☃️❄️⛷💙
I had so much fun skiing with my dad and friends a couple days ago @mtbachelor!
Arguably the best early season turns I have ever experienced! #day6
@on3pskico @eddiebauer @blackstrap_inc @lange_boots @prethelmets @skjersaas @tokyostarfish @ablisbev @coffee4kids
🎶: Thundamentals : Got Love
Last week @mtbachelor I had the pleasure of skiing four days after an unseasonable September snow storm hammered the mountain with over two feet of snow! This was by far the best early season riding I’ve ever experienced! Its so rewarding to earn your turns on a mountain that is usually accessed by lifts!
Now that Ive gotten a good taste of Winter, I cant wait for more snow to fall! ☃️❄️⛷🚀
@on3pskico @eddiebauer @blackstrap_inc @lange_boots @prethelmets @skjersaas @tokyostarfish @ablisbev @coffee4kids
My Dad skiing the Pinnacles this morning @mtbachelor!
I skinned up to the summit with @brianbeckerphotography yesterday hoping to ski something steep, but this whiteout crept in and stopped us from riding the line. So today I went for a second summit and returned to ski the desired objective! ❄️⛷🗻🚀🤘🏻
Its very entertaining to see everyone’s method of snow travel in the early season when the lifts haven’t started spinning yet! This week @mtbachelor I saw boot packers, snowshoers, splitboarders, skiers and even snowmobilers all up here for the same reason.
To ride that POW! ❄️⛷🏂 🗻☃️
I love the anticipation of Winter! Snow is in the forecast and for the first time in months, my house was cold enough to warrant wearing a bathrobe! I felt like Huge Hefner again this morning, sipping on my coffee! Bring it on snow, Im ready. ⛷🗻❄️☃️🤘🏻
📸: @trevorlyden
The @on3pskico Cease and Desist is arguable the best big mountain powder ski ever designed! 💯% bamboo core, double thick bases and edges, asymmetrical tip taper and a graphic that makes you want to party! ⛷❄️🤘🏻
I have crawled into a cocoon, strengthened myself, established goals of importance and inspired my creative wings. As my wings grow full span and my dreams come to fruition, I will be ready to fly higher and further than ever imagined. 🐛🚀🦋