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There isn't a way for me to turn how I feel about you into words. You bring out the best in me. During tough times you keep me grounded. You have always been the missing piece. Here's to eternity with you. 🙏🏻
Pros and cons of choosing to work at home.
Pros, petting my dog.
Cons, every time I stop he whines and I have work to do...
One year ago on my birthday I decided to spontaneously get tattooed. This year you surprised me and took me to the same tattoo studio. Here's to the next one hundred birthdays with you.
You got me on my knees, I'm your one man cult. 💘
If my dog was a person he could probably dunk on you.... 🏀
Don't take your loved ones for granted.
This boat was pulling a boat five times its size. 🚢