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  • helfranco 279w ago

    How u did it??

  • modnails 279w ago

    @helfranco I used the lighter color as a base first then I put the two colors side by side on a piece of paper (enough to fit on the edge of a makeup sponge). I used a toothpick to swirl where the two colors meet to blend a little. I put the edge of the makeup sponge on the colors and dabbed it on my nail. I repeated until I got it as dark as I wanted :) sorry if I'm terrible at explaining it :( if you YouTube gradient nails you'll find some good tutorial :)

  • helfranco 279w ago

    Thank u so much dear ๎…

  • modnails 279w ago

    @helfranco you're welcome :)

  • keishaw_ 274w ago

    Realy cool wauw!

  • @modnails love the way u match colors. โ™ก

  • Cuteeeeeeeee

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modnails 102w ago
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