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happy birthday abuelita

i miss you so much ❤
Feliz cumpleaños to my amazing and wonderful mum!
You are my rock, my world, my queen, and my best friend.
Thank you for everything you have done and sacrificed for my brother and I, and everything you continue to do for us.
No hay suficiente palabras para decirte todo lo que quiero y todo lo que vos significas para mi haci que termino con decirte que te amo con todo mi corazón...always.

Happy birthday mami! ❤🎂👑
Just want to take a moment to wish my older brother @j_pereira1 a happy 30th birthday.
Thank you for being such an amazing role model and someone i can look up to and strive to be. Thank you for being my best friend and always being there for me when i need you the most.
Thank you for being the best brother anyone could ever ask for I am so grateful and lucky to have you hermano.
Even if we dont always get along or fight, i will love you with all my heart always.

I love you Julio, mi hermanito lindo. 🖤
Quiero desearle a mi hermosa Tía Julia un feliz cumpleaños hoy en este día súper especial.

Aquí es un pequeño recuerdito de cuando estuvimos todos juntos en Tailandia el año pasado y ojalá pronto podamos estar juntos de nuevo otra vez!

La quiero muchísimo y que disfruté su cumpleaños tía xx ❤🎂🎈 #tbt
wishing my amazing sister-in-law @lucympereira a happy and beautiful birthday.
Love you heaps Luc, thank you for being an amazing person & friend and sending you lots of love and hugs cuñadita! 💜🎂
happy birthday to my main boy mi primito @jaymidnight_ wishing you so much love and so much happiness J.
Keep doing you and keep following your dreams and goals primo and never forget "me caí como un hotdog!".
Love you heaps and super proud of you always, have a fun n safe one Jonny and next time we're going to DISNEYLAND! 🌭🎈🎂
Want to wish one of my absolute favourite people in the entire world a very happy & beautiful birthday!

Love you so much tia @joya_latin and wishing you the very best, la quiero y la extraño muchisimo.

Hope to see you soon, fingers crossed its sooner rather than later. Besos y abrazos tia! ❤🎂💋
🔗 s i l v a n e m e s i s 🔗
happy mother's day to mi querida madrecita, te amo con todo mi corazon.♡ #bestmum
Wishing a very happy birthday to my duet partner @legally_yags & my kpop companion @charbeeans
Thank you for all the amazing car ride sing-a-longs, late night ice cream runs, and hysterical & impromptu adventures we've had together.
Y'all are some of the most special kweens ever and I cant wait to continue making more crazy ass memories with you both!

Y.A.C forever.🍦👑🎈
#yeschariknowyourbirthdayistomorrow #butimkillingtwobirdswithonestone
Tonight I got to witness vocal powerhouse, kpop queen @aileeonline at @asiatopa and im still in awe at how incredibly talented, beautiful and humble Ailee truly is!
Hands down one of the BEST shows I've ever seen and one that I'll never forget, thank you for putting on an amazing and breathtaking show!
Videos are;
1. U&I - A's Doll House
2. Home ft. Yoon Mirae - A New Empire
3. I Will Go to You Like the First Snow - Goblin OST
4. I Will Show You - Invitation
(Please ignore @charbeeans and my screaming, gasping, terrible singing and incoherent words... We were a mess.) #asiapopfest17 #ailee #에일리 #kpop #yoonmirae #goblin #윤미래 #첫눈처럼너에게가겠다 #보여줄게 #도깨비 #asiatopa #aileeans #melbourne #livemusic #sidneymyermusicbowl #aileedaily #kpopqueen @aileedaily