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A weekend that completely filled my soul.

I love you all so much ❀️
Successful get away back home, but too short! β€’
β€’ β€’
Finally some sunshine time... got me looking like all types of chocolate 🍫
They just are β€’ Loving kindness & compassion β€’ Let's not travel back in time
I'm not one for long captions, but he deserves it: This man, lifted me up when I was at my bottom. Always there with a giggle, hug, dance or a cocktail. My best Hawai'i friend, scissor sister, Latina lover, mole woman and forever ohana. I will miss you as you head on your world journey. I am forever thankful for you.
I love you and good luck!
You're an amazing soul Xoxo
We have another angel looking down on us. I love you Sammy @mbgp808 and I miss you so much. Keep grandma company xoxo
You were an amazing grandma & today we celebrated you ❀️