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Made this over a month ago, still needs to make it's way into the etsy shop. #lazypjotographer #needanewcamera

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These custom Prehnite and Silver Shield earrings were a custom order for a beautiful lady with killer taste is jewelry, if I do say so myself 😉. I'll definitely be making more like this asap! #sierrakeylinjewelry
Rearranging the website a little bit, and loving how clean it's looking. One thing about wearing all the hats as a small biz owner/artist is that I'm in charge! Which is scary, empowering, fun and overwhelming all at once...but I wouldn't change a thing. This artists life I've been living for the past two years is a gift I decided to give myself when we moved to the desert, and I'm grateful for it every damn day...blood, sweat, tears and everything in between. Thanks for tuning in to today's installment of #keepingitreal 😉. #sierrakeylinjewelry #werk #smallbizlife #artisthustle #jeweler #silversmith #jewelerslife #deepthoughts
Hello and happy Monday friends! All of the new work coming out of my studio is heading to a couple exciting new stockists that I can't wait to share with you...but not quite yet!! Since I've been working on wholesale projects lately, I don't have anything new to show you today...BUT these babes along with a hand full of others are ready to ship in the shop. I promise to share some really special pieces of jewelry with you by the end of the week, including a couple huge rings, and some killer cuff bracelets with Royston Turquoise, my favorite! #sierrakeylinjewelry
This evenings sunset stroll around the property was extra extra beautiful.
Today's goal is to turn all of those bits and pieces of silver and stone into bracelets. If you want to see them in real life I'll be at @acehotelpalmsprings this Sunday for a pop up shop with lots of other hi-desert artists. Come grab a cocktail, swim in the pool, and say hello!
HUGE rings on the bench today...the goddess of soldering is on my side today and things are flowing smoothly, Amen! #sierrakeylinjewelry
Repost from @jess_schreibstein rockin' a pair of my Nomad earrings that she picked up today at @theendyuccavalley !!! Thank you Jess 💚💚💚 #sierrakeylinjewelry
Repost from the lovely Amy of @orendatribe rockin' her eye ring out in Marfa at @transpecosfestival 💚💚💚
This is what they look like before they get dressed up with a good sanding treatment, oxidized patina, and their colorful little stones...check out how hey look when they're finished in my shop. #sierrakeylinjewelry
Blues and greens on the bench earlier this week...I'm working on a bunch of pieces for a new stockist that I'm SO PUMPED about! Warning, emotional artist rant to follow... This #jewelerslife can feel so solitary sometimes, and I love that, I treasure my solo time in the studio...BUT at times it feels like I'm out here building these love filled pieces of wearable art and wondering if anyone even sees them, and feels the love and soul I put into them. Sometimes I want to just throw in the towel, shut down my website and make things without all the "noise" of business and social media getting in the way. BUT then you get a message from a beautiful store wanting to share your work with the world, and you hope you're not relying too much on outside influences to create happiness, but you can't deny how happy it makes you to feel SEEN!! I suppose this is a long winded way of expressing how grateful I am for everyone here, for your support, likes, comments, and most importantly for your encouragement and the feeling of community I get through this little screen. Sending love from the desert, happy Saturday friends!! 🌵💙☀️🌵 #sierrakeylinjewelry
So excited about this event in a few weeks! If you're in Palm Springs come by @acehotelpalmsprings say hi, hang at the pool, have a cocktail and check out the work of some amazing high desert artists! More details, previews of pieces exclusively for this event, and a list of artists coming soon!
Fall has arrived in the desert! It's 80 degrees, breezy, and the nights are finally cooling down...We actually needed a blanket last night! Amen!
Remember last week when I said the goddess of jewelry photography was on my side? Well she mush have taken the weekend off because I'm having a hell of a time getting any good images of a couple new pieces including this necklace. So for now here's a little view of the new pieces, pictured here with some earrings I added to the shop over the weekend along with a hand full of eye necklaces. Happy Monday friends! #sierrakeylinjewelry
Saturday night still life...many many earrings on deck, and a lovely rainbow of blues and greens ready for their bezels. 💚💚💙💙
Website update is live! Thanks to everyone out there for all of your encouragement and positive feedback on these new pieces. Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend friends! #sierrakeylinjewelry
Prehnite Queen Earrings-fit for a goddess, a mermaid, a desert queen, and anyone out there who appreciates the feeling of putting on your biggest baddest earrings and getting that "I'm a fucking goddess" feeling. Some jewelry has the power to help you harness your individuality and let your unique beauty shine, these are the ones that do it for me. I'm finishing up all details for the previews I've been posting, and all of the listings will go live this evening! #sierrakeylinjewelry
Two sizes of the all silver Eye necklace will be hitting the shop this weekend! Built from three layers of Sterling silver, with a silky oxidized patina, on an 18" chain, finished off with a handcrafted clasp. #sierrakeylinjewelry
The goddess of jewelry photography was on my side today, currently editing photos for a shop update later this week! Coming soon to a neck near you...#sierrakeylinjewelry
I'm so in love with how this ring turned out, it was the first piece I made in the Pebble series...the turquoise is the most beautiful vibrant color, with tiny little flecks of pyrite that catch the light. It's still hanging out in the shop waiting for its forever home...which could end up being with me if no one else claims it 😉 #sierrakeylinjewelry