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Still thinking about how magical this weekend was — @jilllydonut you were perfection. I don't have words for how grateful I am for the gift of your friendship. @jwbyagel you are a lucky guy!!
Sidekicks reporting for duty... Good crew here to celebrate our two favs @jilllydonut & @jwbyagel -- love you!! 😘❤️
My roommate @kaitness tried to teach me how to pose for “casual, artistic, but not too posed” photos (for our company website)… had to post because my only foray into modeling should be documented (and because my hair looks good) #fakelaughintothedistance #posinginfrontofcoloredwalls #DTLA #DONTLOOKATTHECAMERA
You should see the other guy... I don't actually have a cool story—just a motorcycle 🏍💥 explosion, saved a life kind of thing.

#whoops #lakefail #safetythird #boatingwithblondes #fakenews #hurts #slapasteakonit
Weekend summary: wine makes everything better and matching your cousins apparently didn’t end in 1999. This pic is far from complete but per usual, it’s the only one we got ;)
Happy birthday M! You're one of a kind -- silly, kind, generous, hilarious, wise -- glad I get to do life with you. Love you friend 😘
Happy Fathers Day to the forever best dad around. Thanks for setting a ridiculously high standard that I'm doubtful anyone can ever live up to. Not sure why I got so lucky to get you, but I'll take it!
Unbelievably proud of this girl! When your best friends are crazy talented and you’ve been counting down the days until you're allowed to post about this… Do yourselves a favor and check out @katelynclampett’s new single #TheTroublewiththeTruth on Spotify/Amazon/iTunes!
This beauty is 26 today! I can't imagine my life without you -- glad I've never had to ;) You are the most remarkable, loving, and vibrant person I know. Love you Betsy Boo!!
Today is my beautiful momma's birthday! Pretty sure I got the royal flush when it comes to the parents hand I was dealt. Here she is at 16—not sure why people think we look alike...
I’ve been working on a project for @thepromisefilm, a story of the Armenian Genocide that cost the lives of 1.5 million people. It was the first modern genocide, the origin of the term itself, and the 1st of over a dozen genocides in the 100 years since. When we look at what’s happening right now in Syria, Sudan, Iraq, and even our own country denying sanctuary to refugees, this film compels us to learn from the lessons of the past, and refuse to stay silent in the face of injustice. I’m proud to be part of it, and I’m proud to have a job where I get to work on projects that fight for human rights, for justice, for human dignity, and for equality. --
Last night was easily the most “Hollywood” night I’ve had in LA. I did something I thought I’d never have to do—sign a waiver to be on Keeping Up With The Kardashians (a show I’ve never watched and have no interest in watching). Don Cheadle, Christian Bale, Sylvester Stallone, Cher, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Alexis Ohanian, James Cromwell, and so many more were there to stand in solidarity for the importance of this fight. #KeepThePromise and help us fight genocide and human rights abuses around the world.
We resorted to selfies after 12 failed attempts at the uber driver taking our picture... #hbd Ash!
Happy birthday Ash!! So glad @katelynclampett responded to that roommate posting 5 years ago :) Don't know what I'd do in LA without ya 😘
Best wedding ever! Chose this pic because 75% of my Instagram feed is @elizabeerodgers so why stop now?
Happy birthday to the man that forever screwed the standard and wrecked the curve - you are simply in a category all to yourself. I cannot believe I was lucky enough to get you as mine.
"We will not go away - welcome to your first day." My great grandma was a suffragette, and I think she'd love to see what's happening all over the world today.