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You ever play that game where your friend lays in your lap so their face is upside down and you cover up their lips with your hand and squish their eyebrows together so it looks like a mustache? It’s fun for you, but for your friend it’s mostly boring unless you take pictures.
A lady is standing outside of my car talking to me and rapping to me. She's pretty good.
When the night falls, my lonely heart CALLLSSSSS
Crying in a bathroom in Tate because I'm thinking about a video I saw of Lisa Kudrow giving a commencement speech.
This is how we look and this is friendship and this is Transmet
Dillon is moving to London today and the drunk alley boys who we asked to take our picture were funny. Good luck, smart Dillon! You're gonna do swell.
My room smells like vinegar because I put a bunch of bowls of vinegar everywhere because that's supposed to help with the fact that my room also smells like mold.
Before I gave him a haircut which mostly made the left side of his head bald. What? It was dark and I was using kitchen scissors.
I used to be here. But now I am eating tomato soup and pimiento cheese on a couch with a cat. And that is not so bad either.
Our friend Lisa unknowingly lent me this jacket/these shades. Thanks, Lisa!