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Yesterday a beautiful butterfly grazed my windshield. The colors left behind were amazing. Hopefully, it flew on for others to enjoy.
My sweet Milo crossed the 🌈bridge yesterday to be with the other Barone kitties that went before him. RIP Milo ❤️💔❤️
Off for almost 3 months....never gonna get caught up! #cantcatchup
The cutest gray and white kitty decided to pay us a visit this morning. Dubbs was equidistant between getting back to me and the kitty stalking him. Dubbs wouldn't come to me (training never ends) and instead watched this cute kitty go all Halloween cat back up, sideways walk right up to him and beat him repeatedly on the nose! It was really funny and thankfully the kitty just continued on....then Dubbs comes running to me! Marbles and Milo used to bop him on the nose all the time when he first arrived but they all became friends. This was the day in 2012 Milo decided they could be friends.
I have been doing 35 sit-ups every day for a few years. No one holding my feet. I saw a video on FB last week where a woman trained her dog to lay across her legs so I thought I'd try it with Dubbs.
Condolences for the loss of the DE State Trooper who was killed today. Thoughts of my family and friends who protect and serve in DE every day. Thank you. ❤️💔❤️
Near and and friends...
Sooooo happy and Joe was really surprised to see Jimmy. @menottijb #missedyou
Beautiful sunset after the storm.
Thank you for the birthday cards, pressies, calls, texts, FB messages and posts yesterday. The last 2 weeks have been rough and you all really cheered me up. These presents from my Outlander binge watching pal made my day!
Thank you @cortneysmoonmagick for my birthday reading. I appreciate your advice and guidance! ❤❤❤
Happy 7th Birthday, Dubbs! You will always be my best furry friend. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Oh boy, I may have the start of a toy collection.
After tomorrow's Hail Mary pass in DC at least I can look forward to being one game way from a Patriots/Lady Gaga Superbowl! #respectnorespect #goat#gaga#patriots#newenglandpatriots #tombrady
Stepped out on Dubbs today for a selfie with Ollie!
I bought this book as a gift for myself 15 years ago. The little local bookstore, Island Books offered gift wrapping so I said yes. Figured I'd open it "when I had time to enjoy it". I was working 40+ hours a week and I never found the time to relax and enjoy it. There was always something else or someone else that needed something done. The book has lived in 2 houses, and numerous drawers & closets. I found it again on 12/22 and decided to open it. I couldn't even remember what book I bought! I was so excited! My interest in tarot & astrology started when I was a kid and I got a deck of tarot cards. I guess 15 years ago I wanted my first book about it! 2016 has been awful & I'm hoping that 2017 will be better despite some continued challenges ahead. I want to have more "me" time. At almost 56 "waiting for the time" should be "now is the time".
12/26/2016 Happy 3rd Anniversary Jimmy & Ashley! ❤❤❤