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  Posted: Jun 9, 2012 5:06 PM FEED
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This is my favorite iPhone photo I've ever taken... it's @fuensta ! Was a huge fan of Danny before we were friends. It's his birthday today too! Happy b-day to the mayor of Miami @fuensta we luv you G!!
Posted: Oct 18, 2017 6:00 PM
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HAPPY BERTDAY to one of the besties to ever do it @rob.wootton ! Our schools might've been rivals but you've been my brotha from anotha motha for over 10 years. From the Cayman Islands to numerous cross country road trips this man has always brought the antics #TheSagaContinues
Posted: Oct 10, 2017 4:44 PM
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My @phat_house brothers just unleashed the 3rd chapter #PH3 @borklife came through swinging 🔨I got to witness Jules do the Beverley high Front Shuv 50 right before they demolished the entire spot @ishodwair & @makukka shared part too 🔥peep @thrashermag #PhillyConnection
Posted: Sep 28, 2017 12:13 AM
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@manramp X @elementskatecamp went off this summer! Peep the funnest edit ever @thrashermag 🎥 @tom_dull
Rest In Peace to the legend @akira47ishizawa you were such an inspiration to me in NYC in 2009/10. I'll never forget those times, I'm so grateful to have them. He stayed with me at uptown skate school Jenn's house in manhattan one summer. We would pass his translator back and forth and teach each words in English & Japanese. Mostly cuss words. When we would skate, he would get the sickest clips at the crustiest spots. Akira embodied a true skateboarder/sk8rat/@5boronyc Legend. #cancersucks I'll skate forever for my brothers that have passed @akira47ishizawa @adam_z_made @pstonebru ❤️❤️❤️link in my bio to help his family
Part Tres 🇪🇸 Barcelona sunset at the W
@davehoang @twinkstpk
@jakedarwen @nick_garcia
Last day in Spain, my body was dust.. laid on the ground and filmed the boys stunt (captured a glorious Dave Pop Shuv) #iMissBarcey #TakeMeBack
#ThanksForEverything #MomentsAllWeGot shout out @twinkstpk ❤️wouldn't have made it happen without you
🇪🇸Barcey part 2 🇪🇸
@domowaka @ethanloy Fondo•W•Sants
@tiagolemoskt as seen in #theDCpromo @thrashermag
A ton of heavy Orlando footage in the edit as well. Hoping the best for my Floridians back home 🙏🏼be easy on us Irma
A few months back, Evan and I got into a discussion about what we could cook on the engine of the van while driving across country. He claimed we could cook a raw burger, I declined and said there was no way.. which lead to Evan calling P-Stone on speaker to see what he thought. By far one of the funniest phone calls we've had. Preston explained to us how to wrap it, where to put it, how to tie it down and he said load it up with garlic and keep the passenger window cracked. When you smell the garlic.. pull over, it's done. P-stone, your casual, unique, hilarious way of capturing your friends won't be forgotten. Thanks for everything you did for skateboarding and friendships❤️#pstoneforever
Evan and I • Salton sea 📸@sk8rat

Moments are all we got. Stay safe out there friends. My heart goes out to the Maigetter and Kennedy families ❤️
🇪🇸Barcelona 🇪🇸 part 1
So much fun with the boys, thanks for everything ~ amigos
@twinkstpk ❤️
Miss y'all already!!!
Time traveling with my friends • Sabadell bound on the train
Barceloneta beach bubble boys • another beautiful day in Barcey
@jakedarwen SWITCH! Favorite photographer alert 🚨mate can skate #23 #MichaelJordan
We are safe here in Barcelona. This is the beginning of Las Rambles where the horrific and senseless event happened yesterday. Keep your friends close, live life to the fullest. Our positivity will prevail #iLoveYouAll we unite and stand together
Made it to Barcelona !!! Found @waywardnephew at paral.lel freestyling! Hyped to be out here for 2 weeks
Posted: Aug 11, 2017 4:25 AM
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Met @ishodwair at Woodward camp in 2007.. fast forward ten years we're riding a tandem bike in Venice 🤣#FirstTimer.. shout out to @danielduarte00 & @d_serr for the antics and activities. If this is what it takes.. count me in #ThatsaClip