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  Posted: Jun 9, 2012 3:23 PM FEED
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Who would of thought 2years ago these 2 would be heading to prom tonight

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The morning she passed, Kailey and I were holding her hand with my head laying on her bed. I felt a sense of calmness come over the room, I looked up at my Dad he said I don't think she's breathing 😞💔I knew it was coming but when it did I could feel my heart break 💔 and a piece of me died with her. My Mom was such a special woman to all who have met her. She's touched so many people's lives and was always putting others in front of herself and her own needs. She never spoke a bad word of anybody or anything. A true pure selfless big hearted lady. It hurts so bad knowing I can never pick the phone up and call her or seeing my phone say Moms cell. She was always here for me thru the good and the trying times to give me word of strength and loved me unconditionally. I know she's pain free and free from all her illness but loosing my mom is the worst feeling ever. They say time will heal but as the days go by it hurts more and more. I just can't see how I'm supposed to go on without her 💔😢🙏🏼
I love this man so much and hurt so much for him. He lost his wife of 45 years. The past 2 years were occupied with my moms health he put his health and hobbies on hold. I promised my mom I would take care of him so now it's all about you Dad I love you so much and will always be here for you it's gonna be hard but I know we will get thru this and am so blessed to have you by my side to help thru the pain. In this picture he was taking a break from sitting next to my mom laying in the bed next to her 😢🙏🏼 The Merpapa
Our lives were shattered yesterday,so to bring a lil comfort we went to the one place my Mom loved. We have so many memories at Disneyland with her. Mom it was definitely hard with out you we had laughs and tears remembering all our special times here with you. We were all missing the best wife,mom & Grandma and I don't see how it will get any easier 💔🙏🏼😢🎃
My heart is broken 💔 My mom passed away peacefully this morning at 4 am with her loved ones by her side. I miss her so much already but I know she's at peace and pain free 🙏🏼😢
Please keep my Mom & family in your prayers as we go thru the hardest time in our lives🙏🏼 Yesterday my mom has come to peace with her illness and is tired of fighting. We have started comfort care for her. If any family members or friends would like to come see her as of now we are at Hoag. Either message me or call please We know my mom won't be in pain any more and we thought after all this time watching her go thru all of this We would be prepared 😞 but my moms is our world and when she leaves we are all gonna be heart broken 😞🙏🏼 @mmauchy pc 📷 @smauchy22
Happy Friday the 13th 🖤 Make it a lucky day!!
Sometimes staying strong feels impossible, but giving up is not an option!!!! 💪🏼 #bringiton #mydukesareup #nothingcanbreakthisgirl
I never thought 1 moth ago today would be the last time I heard your voice and saw you. If I'd known I woulda never left your side that day in the ER my friend. My heart is so heavy today with everything in my life and all I want is to pick up the phone and hear you tell me "be strong for your momma and dad." It still doesn't seem real to me that you are gone. I go back and read our text messages all the time and think of all the memories I have of us. The pain doesn't get easier I think I'm just getting used to it. Miss you so much @doreen92466 🙏🏼😢💔 RIP My friend
Yesterday my mom was taken back to Hoag hospital with fluid overload. They did dialysis last night and will do it again today to help dry her out. They have her on an oxygen mask/machine due to her oxygen dropping from the fluid in her lungs. I pray that she has the strength to over come this again. She has been put thru so much this past year it amazes me the fight this lil lady has. As much as it is difficult for us all to sit and watch her go thru all this she has shown us how much she loves us, by putting up the biggest fight to continue to be here for us. Mom you are my HERO and the strongest woman I know. I love you so much momma. ❤️🙏🏼
Super proud of this boy💙 He got student of the month 😳 and wow they make a big deal of it so exciting!! He got certificates from Congress,Senate, the Mayor and local colleges. Plus lots of gift cards to local restaurants, storm stadium, the mall and more. Keep up the good work Son 💙 I love you and am a super proud momma ☺️ @jacobbarness 😘❤️
Super excited for my girl @eeezplace she just opened her online boutique if you like cute clothes at reasonable prices go follow her new business page!! @erica.shopstevierep 🎉❤️
Happy 45th Anniversary 🎉 to 2 of the most important people in my life my Mom and Dad. I love you both so much!! ❤️😘 @mmauchy
Double fisting Friday!! Need the caffeine to keep me awake today. I didn't sleep last night after having a realistic visit In my dreams from my friend Doreen. She was with me sitting by my moms bed, telling me everything is gonna be ok that I need to be strong for my mom and dad and I need to take care of myself!!! It was so real hearing her voice I couldn't go back to sleep. You're not here anymore but you're still making sure I'm good. I Love you and miss you my friend so much 😞🙏🏼❤️
I'm a lil behind on my chores 🙈and our pool table is now a folding table.🤣 When I left early this am it was a big pile of clothes 😬 Sitting with my momma at dialysis Dave text me that he's helping me out 🙌🏻 and he folded all the laundry. Thank you @_davidbarnes I love you sorry for being a slacker lately 😘❤️
Posted: Sep 24, 2017 6:53 PM
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To we celebrated you my friend, this is not the way we were suppose to be celebrating 🎂💔 I miss you so much my heart hurts I thought each day would get easier, but is actually harder not being able to call or text with you. I know you are with your man watching down on all of us. Love you 😘 Cheers my friend 🥂❤️🎉😔🙏🏼
Super pumped for my boy!!! Way to go @jacobbarness keep up the good work. So proud of you buddy 😘Finally something to smile about with everything going on in our lives ☺️ #proudmomma #thatsmyboy💙 #hesgoingplaces #hardworkpaysoff 💙