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"Didn't find any Dory out there, but got something better, or rather, someone better - you"

Happy Easter Lab, may we always have faith in God and remember that in all trials in life, nothing is impossible with God, that we can conquer trials through Christ who strengthens us. May each day bring us closer to one another, and most importantly closest to God.

I love you, Stella Marie 😉😘
"I've waited a thousand sunrises for this"

When you're waking not just because of the sunrise anymore, but because you have someone you hold dear to share it with. @sanchezstarr
Butch and his catch for the day. He fetches whatever interesting object you present to him then runs to some spot.
"Timeless Feels"
With @sanchezstarr 😘👫🙏🏻
Everything belongs to God - always thankful to Him for the great blessings that this woman and I share. Truly, God is an awesome God.
Told me she's downloading fonts for her demo, and some textures and patterns for some certs. And poof! Haha Got surprised with these, specially made by my very creative Hon @sanchezstarr thanks Lab! 😆 you never fail to surprise me 😘💏
Words just don't amount how much i am thankful to God for blessing us with one another. If words can't simply describe, then perhaps a lifetime can. :) @sanchezstarr 💏
2015 is truly an amazing year - amazing would be an understatement. Through ups and downs, curves and straights, i met you in one of the intersections this year. That day I met you, i knew there's something in you I just could not let go of. And then my prayers started to get answered one by one. Truly prayers are answered at the right time, in God's perfect timing.

For all the joys, the misunderstandings and challenges, the laughter ug kulitan nato, the serious conversations to the silly and crazy ones, the delicious wow na wow food nga ato giluto, road trips both near and far, for every moment spent with you, for the commitment and love you've shown me, for what is today and the decades to come, for who you are always to me - Hon, i am truly thankful for walking with me in this journey. We are truly blessed by God.

May God continue to bless us abundantly with His grace and providence in the years to come, esp this new year. Let us be vessels of His love and joy to each other and to the people that matter.
To this new year, a blank canvas to paint more memories together, let us fill it with love, smiles, joy and hope, amidst challenges.

By God's grace, all these are possible.

Happy new year Hon! 😉🎉 PS

I Love You 😘
"Between the sand and the sky, you get something good in between"

@sanchezstarr shall we? :)
Christmas came early this year with one of the best gifts God has blessed me with. 😉 much love to this beautiful woman who's always beside me in good days and bad, @sanchezstarr 😘😊