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Monrovia got her first bouquet from her daddy. She's slightly obsessed, and carries the vase from room to room
  • joannaskr 279w ago

    How crazy! Nahla got her first bouquet- also from dad and she did the same thing! Just a few days ago...crazy!

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Library afternoon instantly disrupts any sibling skirmishes
You know those days marked in your memory that don't fall into traditional categories like birthdays or holidays but they changed your life anyway? Today is one of those for me. My thoughtful husband brought these beauties home. 💛💚 They remind me of growth and perseverance and resilience, all of which I hope the last 9 years has given me.
Happy 15th Anniversary a day late to MTP. Marriage is no joke; it takes a lot of work and forgiveness and grace. And that's on the easy days 😉 (But also it's a lot of fun with my favorite person.) Through the mundane, the adventures, the fights, the daily grind, the laughter and tears, the highs and lows, the big feelings, he loves me no matter what. (And he does so many freaking dishes.)
The story of how our romantic boat ride in Central Park took a dramatic turn: On Wednesday we went out in a rowboat in Central Park. The lake was packed with boats - lots of tourists and many Orthodox Jewish families- I think because it was Sukkot. A few minutes into being out in water, we heard someone screaming "Help! We need help!" A boat had flipped, and an elderly Orthodox couple - as in early 80's- were in the water holding onto the overturned boat; their adult relative was trying to hold onto them but I don't think he could swim either. They were frantic and the rest of their family in boats around us were crying and freaking out. Someone else was pulling the man into their boat to save him, so we attempted -with as much modesty as we could -to pull the grandmother in and save her without embarrassing her or falling in with her. She had already lost her head covering and her clothes were disheveled. We finally got her in, got a shirt to cover her head, recovered some of their shoes, hat and yarmulke from the water and towed her back to shore. You. Guys. It was crazy and so intense! I swear I don't know what would've happened if we or someone else hadn't dragged her out of the water. That boat was straight up sinking! I was trying to be respectful so only took this picture from behind as we boated her back to the dock. File Under: Crazy But True, Y'All and Good Thing My Husband Does So Many Pull-ups Because He Raced Across That Lake So Fast 💪
Monday was one of those magical (albeit rainy) days where everything aligns and you are across the country and you get to spend the day with dearest friends...eating and drinking well, walking the city, looking at art, laughing and talking. And then! You get to go into the Metropolitan Museum of Art after hours(!!!!)which in and of itself is amazing---and then see behind the scenes artwork being restored. I can't even describe. The best. Best art. Best day. Best people. Happy ❤️
Deep soul tired is how I feel right now. So many things pulling and pushing in on me (and you) from every side, and it's leaving me exhausted emotionally. That's all. To my fellow humans, carry on. I see you grinding it out over there in your spot too. I call for an international nap.
Another new card just came out! You can see it at my illustration insta @susannahprinzillustration
Obviously by the number of coffee cups Matt just busted me on in my studio, I think National Coffee Day should be every day and not just today. 😂 #nationalcoffeeday #studiolife #sorrynotsorry
Paloma + Ruby hanging out before school
Ruby told me she wrote me a note and not to look until she was at school 💛
Just got samples of my two newest Papyrus cards! Here's a sneak peek- you can see the entire cards on my @susannahprinzillustration feed 💌📫❤️😉