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User Image mooshinindy Posted: Jun 9, 2012 1:24 AM (UTC)

2 X-Pro II
I want to fill my house with paper lanterns. #indyzoob

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User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 16, 2017 6:06 PM (UTC)

2 Valencia
These little set ups of her tiny toys are going to missed big time someday. 😢
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 16, 2017 6:43 AM (UTC)

4 Sierra
You still awake, too?
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 15, 2017 7:44 PM (UTC)

20 Hudson
Festive goblin ready to go voice his displeasure with the neighborhood nativity (video on @tuckergriphook)
I'm still on the endless search for dog boots that won't twirl around on his front paws. These ones work well, but they're also going to wear out real fast.
#DogBoots #SpecialNeedsDog
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 15, 2017 1:58 PM (UTC)

15 Gingham
Gentlemanly goblin on leather. (Guy really needs some bow ties stat.)
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 14, 2017 11:37 PM (UTC)

15 Normal
Kept it alive for another 365 days. Here's to my 13 year streak. 👊
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 14, 2017 12:31 AM (UTC)

15 Normal
I was in the midst of roasting potatoes, resting a pork loin, steaming an artichoke, attending to bubble dog, making field trip lunches, putting other groceries away, and hard boiling a dozen eggs when Vivi wanted to take a photo of me with a funny face.
I'm still here. I make my kids laugh sometimes. I even make them really good food on occasion (they both informed me I did not succeed in doing so this evening.)
It's a marathon, all of it - and right now I'm plodding through one of the crappy miles. But maybe someday they'll be running their own marathon and say "Hey, good job with all those marathons, mom. I had no idea how hard they could actually be."
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 13, 2017 1:01 PM (UTC)

12 Inkwell
He only begs for love because he knows he's allergic to everything else.
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 12, 2017 7:52 PM (UTC)

11 Valencia
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 12, 2017 2:49 PM (UTC)

20 Valencia
This morning I'm overwhelmed. I had a terrible dream wherein my mental illness relapsed and it felt way too real. It was this time last year that I realized I was not going to be alive much longer if I didn't get help. 2017 has been a year of tremendous changes, and it's one of the first years I've ended stronger than where I began. In all honesty, I'm pooped.
But I made it. 👊
(Ornament by @robinplemmons, fellow badass.)
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 12, 2017 3:04 AM (UTC)

9 Valencia
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 11, 2017 8:46 PM (UTC)

23 Hudson
We all made it into one picture for the seventh time ever.
So hey, here's my family!
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 11, 2017 1:51 PM (UTC)

12 Hudson
Goblin in boots. Happy Monday. (The boots are not only very fashion forward, they keep his sensitive hooves protected from things we know he's allergic to (like grass) as well as moisture. His paws are going to be an ongoing battle against pododermatitis but these sassy little boots will hopefully mitigate a lot of possible irritations.)
#SpecialNeedsDog #DogBoots #DogAdvocate
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 11, 2017 1:48 AM (UTC)
10 Normal
"Did your teacher tell you to be a very serious mouse during the finale?"
"No, why?"
"No reason."
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 10, 2017 3:26 PM (UTC)
17 Hudson
Last night Cody spoke at a scholarship awards ceremony about the importance of hard work and ethics as it relates to education and career.
We're all pretty familiar with the political climate at the moment, and I want you to know that for every candidate with a shady past, there is a candidate like Cody. He's not running for the accolades, the prestige, or the title. He's running for judge because he loves the law, he loves our community, and has wanted to be a judge since he was Addie's age.
I realize his wife is a pretty biased campaign supporter, but at the same time this man has changed me. Not through control or coercion, but with loyalty, empathy, and love. He serves his legal practice clients with regard and respect - even the heinous ones I would throw bees at if given the opportunity.
There are a lot of terrible people out there, men (and women) who take advantage of their position. But there are also people like Cody. Men who use their privilege and education to heal, defend, and nurture the wounded and flawed that come into his life.
He's incredibly humble. He's going to get that weird awkward smile I love so much when when he reads this.
He's a good person, he doesn't know how not to be.
As we go into 2018, look past the party affiliations, physical appearance, and flashy campaign charm. Find out who your local candidates are as a human beings. With today's connectivity it shouldn't be that difficult to research or contact the people who are hoping to run your town, your county, and your state on your behalf. If we're going to change the situation we've found ourselves in, it has to start with where we live.
If you're in Hancock County, Indiana - this is Cody Coombs. He's running for circuit court judge. If you want to see who he is as a dad and husband click #ButtFaceCody . If you want to ask him about how he plans to run his court and change the criminal justice system in Hancock County, email him at
#HancockPride #CoombsForJudge
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 10, 2017 4:15 AM (UTC)

15 Inkwell
I worry I post too many goblin photos.
Then I look at him and oh well. (24/7 Tucker show @tuckergriphook.)
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 9, 2017 10:55 PM (UTC)

0 Valencia
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 8, 2017 1:43 PM (UTC)

4 Rise
The extent of his guard dog abilities - he manages to look up from whatever he's nomming on for 15 seconds. If It's not something that will play with him, he's out. ✌@tuckergriphook
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 8, 2017 3:26 AM (UTC)

28 Hudson
Tucker the bubble dog takes six benadryl a day.
I take one benadryl and I forget my name and I'm 3x his size.
User Image mooshinindy Posted: Dec 7, 2017 5:34 PM (UTC)

42 Normal
Someone asked if I was apprehensive about adopting another bully breed after my experience with Moose. My answer was absolutely not. In fact I sought the breed out. I don't know what shelters and rescues are like where you live, but out here bully breeds and mixes make up the majority of adoptable dogs. I did so much research on pitbulls specifically when working with Moose to know it was his history, not his breed that made him more aggressive.
Tucker would be the world's least motivated guard dog (strangers are just people who haven't loved him yet) and throws himself around like he's a quarter the size he actually is.
Many people suggested a puppy, that way it would grow up as part of our family. We didn't really need to add to our family, we just needed to right dog to fill in the little holes.
Like butter and syrup on a waffle.