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I want to fill my house with paper lanterns. #indyzoob

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So Moose, we first saw you back in June at an adoption event, we just went for something to do, and we saw you there in the corner with big signs over your crate promising you were a sweet boy, but so overwhelmed and stressed. I'm not a dog person, but your face. The volunteers said people were scared of you because of your size.
Sunday we went back to the same adoption event and both Cody and I silently gravitated to the corner where we had seen you before, and there you were, and it was just sort of decided that you were meant to be our first dog. We felt the same way about Wink and Percy.
Ten months in a shelter was enough, so we did it. We rearranged our lives in less than 48 hours and we're so damn happy to have you with us and so excited to see your place in our family develop. 🇨🇦🦌🐕
If you have curls in your life, you've probably heard of Deva Curl. Addie had her first Deva cut yesterday, complete with curl care bootcamp.
She's the perfect age to have been given the knowledge to care for her hair (curls can be finicky!) Here's to hoping she continues to love her curls forever. (Swipe ⬅️ for before, during, and after.)
Nature calms the attitude in the big one, and recharges the little one like a battery that sings all. the. time. (See today's story for said singing.) #AdelaideAndVivienne
Vivi has taken exactly four naps in her entire life. This was her 5th.
When I met Cody 17 years ago he told me he would someday become a judge, so it begins. 🤗👨🏼‍⚖ #CoombsForJudge
I love when the clouds look like a watercolor.
This kitty cat was in Addie's lap before she had both cheeks on the ground. There were tears when she had to say goodbye. @indyhumane I know you have rules about holds and stuff, but...
Ever turn around and find your kid sniffing all the cabbages? No? Just me? 👌
It's totally cool my cat is a bigger badass than I'll ever be. Probably you as well. And most of our children.
These three clips sum up our mother daughter relationship perfectly. 🦊🐱🎃 (the second one's my favorite.)
I miss the mountains, but driving the country roads where we live now (and where we plan on living for a long time) is one of my favorite things about Indiana.
Cody's been helping train and coach a local high school football team this season which means we've been doing friday night lights rural Indiana edition. ❤
3-1 🏈#RoyalPride #EliteAthleticTrend
Caring for a thick pile of hair on someone who hates having their head touched is like trying to wrestle a grumpy rhino into a bikini.
In case you were wondering what those rolls on the left became 5 years later. #BunheadVivi
This is my very best friend @justshireen and today is her birthday. We're not really alike in many ways but we complement each other in all the right ways.
Just like any good pairing should.
Cordoza, my lady. #SmugMaid
This is where I would have died two months ago had I listened to my brain when it said "Pull forward 20 feet and it won't hurt anymore."
I'm glad I didn't, I hope I never do. I wish I could guarantee I never will, but mental illness is a capricious monster that will always be lurking in the shadows of my reality.
This one has wanted to do the Beanboozled challenge for a very long time. Best? Berry Blue. Worst? Canned dog food (and dead fish, and spoiled milk, and rotten egg.) But booger was tolerable, so was lawn clipping. 🤢