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tannins 279w ago
... Did this child /seriously/ just fight me for an empty green smoothie cup?? #indigo #meanmuggin #babies #dukeitout #seriousaboutfood

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"hold still, I'm trying to pose my book in your sleeping arms"
Gussying up the desks with some dinosaurs with the always professional Lena
Do you think David will notice the giant notes I taped to his office door at exactly his eye height? Too subtle?
tfw you've been sick for almost a month and find a comic book character you relate to on a deep personal level
She insists she is perfectly sized for this bowl
Forgot to post 1st day of 1st grade photos yesterday
She was nervous and tired and not very responsive to anything I had to say all morning, until I started making butt jokes
tannins 13w ago
A new first
(really wish there was a tooth emoji now)
tannins 16w ago
I had to witness this nightmare, so so do you
tannins 16w ago
Today was one of those days where my kids fought over things like who gets to use the pink scissors (please note I have two children and three pairs of pink scissors shown) and my response to them was to cut this out of paper and tell them that for the next five minutes this piece of paper is their new mom, so every question they have they can look at the paper and know what my answer would be.
tannins 20w ago
GiGi's yard
GUEST STARRING neighbor's doggo
tannins 20w ago
First year of school officially OVER!
So proud of how much this intelligent and kind kid has grown over the past year. Can't wait to see what the coming years bring us.
tannins 21w ago
Her slightly lopsided hair cut just adds to the cuteness
tannins 21w ago
Cousins swimming before the storm, including Indigo apparently developing a drinking problem and Addison smacking a bug that was never on her face
tannins 27w ago
Baby Link carries Goldfish crackers in their pocket "in case I lose a heart"
tannins 27w ago
I think it's safe to assume my kids really enjoy Breath of the Wild
tannins 30w ago
One of them refuses to let me leave, the other begs for a means to escape
tannins 30w ago
tannins 31w ago
The treasures I received after several children tried to one up each other on their gifts to me