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Nothing better encapsulates how I feel after a long day than my son slouching on the couch ambivalently looking at a phone while wearing a Darth Vader mask.
Someone in this house is strong with the force.
You'll never be as excited as Mac when he learned what a flashlight was.
An instant classic sent from @jodymh of Mac from their vacation down in Georgia. If you didn't know this already you know it now, Mac is cool and he knows it.
Dude handled his ring bearing responsibilities like a champ. Notice him pushing his mother away, because he knows he's got this. Then, with time to spare, checks to make sure his cousin has her flower stuff handled, then continues down the aisle impressing all with his swagger. Only problem was he forgot the ring.
Mac refused to go down for a nap. He preferred to fall asleep on the floor. Dude goes hard.