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Keeping the bad juju at bay on #fridaythe13th with a sprinkle of "Angel Food" for the glow gods to protect me with blinding light
On the real tho, any of you super superstitious?
I always avoid breaking mirrors on any given day but am not afraid of black cats. What are you superstitious about the most? Most Asian cultures have a plethora of myths to scare you straight as a kid, but has any of them stuck with you thru adulthood?
Tell me about the scariest one you've ever heard below!!
#motd ft my current go-to faves:
✨ "Angel Food" duochrome highlighter @colourpopcosmetics (I'm in loveee with it's pink/blue duochrome flip!!)
💄 "Zuma" ultra blotted lip also from CP
✍🏻 Brow boss pencil in "soft black" CP
Petite Posse | 5'4" and under only
#tbt to last weekend doing our usual go-to activity. And I can't help but wonder...Why the hell aren't we in a bowling league already?! 😋
F A C E - 2 - F A C E
You remember those red tassle earrings I was obsessed with earlier this year? Those have been replaced by these @we_mumble handmade wire-face beauties! I love how they're so unique and super affordable! I'm in love
#notsponsored #euniquefaves #servingface #colourpopzuma
Lions don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.
Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.
Just when you thought you got a real one, they turn around and reveal their true selves with indirect comments & back talk that bring you down. What happened to friends bringing each other up instead of throwing shade to bring only themselves up?
But you know what? I refuse to let these remarks get me down! Everyone has their insecurities, but bringing others down so that you can lift yourself up demonstrates how insecure you really are.
So let's try to bring each other up, not like fake people showing fake love, but with REAL genuine connection. Do people even do that anymore? ...
To all my followers & friends, I appreciate you all, and thanks for reading through my random rant. I've logged out of social media for a couple weeks, so sorry I've been MIA. But I hope these thoughts ressonate with something you are/have gone through, and that's led you to be the better person. Cuz TBH being the better person is hard. It's so much harder than being petty or hateful! So let's spread love and stop the hatred because we've got too much of that in the world already.
I ♥️ you all...even the wolves who don't know anything else but to hate.
PC: @vectorfilmproductions
The perfect way to start the week:
- Icy Revitalizing Clay Mask (@lemieux)
- diluted apple cider vinegar water
- daydreams about Paris & where I want to go travel to next! (@thetravelbottle)
What's your Monday ritual?
(continuing on from my previous post)
I have a confession...
I've been obsessed with @destinythegame and have been playing nonstop! So for my bday I've been stepping away from my phone and really enjoying my time on a virtual planet 😅 But I've been having the hardest time completing Nightfall Strikes & Leviathan Raids! So if you play, wanna join my clan and create a bossass fireteam? 😋
And also, should I start streaming my sessions on @twitch?? 🤔
#destiny2 #unrelatedphoto #gamergirl
Coffee and creamy coffee tones make me happy
I apologize for being so MIA on here. I took a week hiatus from social media to be more present with my loved ones...
I have a confession....
(Check my next post for what this confession is!)
📷: @vectorfilmproductions
Thank you all for the birthday wishes!! I spent my bday playing #Destiny2 at home with my bf and had a blast! Now it's time for the real party tonight...
Lord help me...
As my boyfriend says, I'm not a young kitty anymore; I'm an old kitty that gets hangovers now 😣
But I can't wait!! Cheers to the weekend!
Am I really 26 already? 😳
Every year my new life cycle begins, I would assess what I haven't achieved yet in my life. But this year as a quarter century has come and passed, I'm focusing more on what I have already achieved and the people I treasure in my life. For once I'm actually happy on my bday. Life is too short to focus on the ways you're lacking or on your imperfections. It's about celebrating life and the once-random people that have come and changed your life in some way. Thank you to all my friends, family, & my amazing followers for being there with me on this crazy ride called life. You guys make this life worth living and I can't thank you enough for that.
Cheers to Cycle 26! ✨
📷: @shantteh
And back to our regular squareduled programming
So rumor has it that @instagram is going to change to a 4x4 grid...So much for thinking outside the square 😑
But it was fun while it lasted!
Which did you like better?:
⚫️or ⬛️?
PC @vectorfilmproductions
Goyard Or Go Home (Pt 4/4)
Swipe left to see the complete look!
Can you guess what else I've been clearly obsessed with? (Hint: rojo como el pasión, 체리 빨간색)
📷: @pactography
Tap once for deets
Tap 2x if you're trilingual
Goyard Or Go Home (Pt 3/4)
If you've been watching my instastories, you'd know I've been slightly obsessed with drinking apple cider vinegar. I kid you not, I already see a difference in my:
- energy & anxiety levels
- digestion (drink it before or after a meal to curb food coma & excessive snacking)
- skin (my skin looks fresh, decreased dark circles, no acne breakouts)
- and overall well being
I use 1-2 tablespoon honey, equal amounts ACV (@bragglivefoods) , 8 oz water (you can add cinnamon for taste), & ALWAYS drink with a straw cuz the acid is bad for your teeth!
A special thanks to my roomie @iansung for showing me this magical elixir! 🙌🏻🌈
I know this caption has nothing to do with the photo but I just wanted to share one of my latest obsessions 🤗
And I highly recommend you try it out!
I love getting oversized men's/unisex clothing and dressing it up in a feminine way.
All you have to do is throw on a pair of killer heels, make it off-the-shoulder, and/or cinch it at the waist with a ribbon/belt!
I love getting creative with my looks and trying something new, even if it makes me feel uncomfortable at first, cuz fashion is about taking risks. And as they say:
No risk, no reward.
Trends can be mundane & repetitive at times, so make things interesting & risk pushing boundaries!
Don't doubt yourself and wonder "Does this make me look stupid?" because it's not about the clothes you wear;
TBH, it's taken this awkward girl a long time to gain confidence and take the opinions people seem to be entitled to lightly, cuz in the end, your opinion about yourself is what drives your life.
So go out there, and wear whatever the hell you're feeling today. Try something new, exciting, eccentric, & crazy! ...okay maybe not crazy but uknowwhatimsayin... So how are you going to wear your confidence today?
Lmk below! I want to hear about it!!
@korelimited @wcspbrand @gianvitorossi 📷: @vectorfilmproductions
Goyard Or Go Home (Pt 2/4)
I would have a #wangover rather than a hangover any day 🙌🏻 @alexanderwangny
Goyard Or Go Home (Pt 1/4)
I can't believe it's almost been a year since I got this gorgeous, reversible @goyardofficial tote as my bday present last year! 😱 Time is flying by so fast! Anyone feel the same way?
And where my fellow Virgo babes at!? 🙌🏻♍️🖤
Looking for the closest IN-N-OUT right now to feed the homeless troll living in my stomach.
If he's living in there, I guess he's technically not homeless
I hope you overcome the hump today! Remember that overcaffeination is key to a successful #humpday! 😜☕️
PC @vectorfilmproductions
나 잡아봐라
Catch me if you can
📷: @vectorfilmproductions
(Tap once for #outfit deets | Tap 2x if you're watching the first football game of the season!)