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Shoutout my man @damianlillard for the love. I think these joints Drop Friday. I’m bout to go dunk on @chilottery with these on right now. #dame4 #Legacy #confirmed
Today was an amazing day out with @habitatforhumanity in pasadena. These 9 families are so blessed to have brand new homes in such a perfect area. Literally surrounded by multi million dollar homes. Thank you to @brianjaeggi and his Aflac crew for having us part of it. We definitely had a great and humbling day. I recommend everyone sign up and make the time to go and help out.
Went to see the premiere of the short film the other night and never felt so uncool in my life. This is so fly and the video is crazy! Proud to be a part of this. @cassie back so major. Shouts to @diddy @iammattyrich @robholladay @g_eazy @benbillions
#lovealoser 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #recordsgetmixedeverydayb #thatsadopemix #freec5
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Last night I got to share in and experience a dream of my brother @tpain to have an acoustic show. It was amazing to say the least. I never imagined how dope it could be to hear these songs in this way. He killed it. Proud of him. Great job. Was a vibe for sure. If coming to your city definitely don’t miss.
I can’t believe this. Please spread the word and repost. Repost from @rodneyjerkins using @RepostRegramApp - THIS IS NORA PAYNE AND SHE IS MISSING!!! Nora co wrote Rock My World with me for Michael Jackson amongst other great songs! Pls share, repost and keep her in prayer. Thanks! #Repost @whoisjulianpayne (@get_repost)
Do not like!! SHARE AND REPOST! #missingperson
#norapayne #help #lostfamily

Instagram and Facebook family and browsers we pass people everyday but she's special to only sister. Please share on your pages because millions of eyes will be on the look out now for Nora Payne's safe return to family. Information below to help.

Wed, 9/27th, she flew out on AA; possible; layover in Chicago (midway); headed for LA.
H: 5' 6.5"
W: 117
She wore;
a white-n-gold (metalic), pullover shirt, Blk. Jacket, Blk, Jans, w, Dark- brown, studded leather belt.
Luggage: 1 M-, Size Carry-On, Blk. Bag,
Purse: a Herme's Designer Bag (Pumpkin-Brown)
Camping shenanigans at the track this week. Had a blast and really thought I was becoming a better rider until I watched @josh_herrin catch up on the straight, slow down and pull a wheelie then proceed to pass the rest of the way on an r1s. Pretty sure he even lapped my bro with a passenger on. Also @sdcstunts is way too fast to have fun with and then there’s Shawn from @metrikmoto passing on the outside of the sweeper on an r3 all while @sasanpirouz is working all day on everyone’s bike instead of having fun. And I really wanted to dislike @channingtatum because I’ve caught my wife licking her lips at the tv more than a dozen times while he’s been on but he’s actually really cool and a really skilled rider. Won’t mention that other guy who brought a full dressed out multistrada with bags and everything 😂😂😂. But all in all an awesome day even with my flat tire. Thank u @sdcstunts for putting this on. Was a great time. Even if the steak rolled off the grill.
Happy birthday to one of my best friends. Over 10 years now and countless songs later. Loyalty means everything. This pic is 20 tattoos and 80lbs Ago lol. In the music business you know someone is a real friend when you both need nothing from each other yet you still are friends. That’s when you know.
Funny story about how we met, I was mixing in miami at the hit factory and had ordered pizza for lunch. The desk called and said my food was here so my assistant set it up in the lounge. I finished what I was doing a few minutes later and went out to the lounge and saw the exterior door closing and just dreads lol. I went to see who was I my lounge and it was pain who had literally made a platter out of three plates and took half my pizza and in the other hand was my whole two liter of soda. I said to my man what the F u doin? He turned and I realized it was him and he laughed and said sorry dude It smelled so good when they brought it in. We’ve been best of friends ever since lol. The rest is history. Love you bro @tpain happy birthday.
Happy birthday to my brother we go back so far I can’t even remember. 15 plus years and Austin powers jaguars. Still doin it after all these years. The most loyal person I know. Beloved #sept271982 @liltunechi for life #FreeC5
“For every brick broke down it’s one stepped on.
For every known rat, it’s one slepped on.
For every loyal n£#%+ fronted, one kept owin.
For every B#%tch I showed the way, it’s one kept hoin.
So let’s blow through this money as we pour bottles.
Let me drop another classic and a tour follows.
Let’s get pissy drunk and let the ..... swallow.
My $&&@s embrace guns and ignore bibles.
Not to glorify it,you can’t ignore the lines.
The jury can be you ghetto law-abiding.
Better know who that is lookin in the mirror.
The truth lies, and your soul can’t see it clearer”

Congrats king @kingpush