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d e r m a l o g i c a 🌿🌱
Okay guys, so it’s pretty rare that I post photos like this, but I had to share! I’ve teamed up with @dermalogica to give you guys a limited time discount on these amazing skin care products! All you have to do is head to @dermalogica click on their link in bio and type in “BESTIE20” at check out for a friends and family 20% off discount. This offer ends tomorrow so get in it! These are some of my faves! This stuff is amazing! I kid you not. #dermalogica #ad
f o l l o w t h e m u s i c 🎶
Here’s another fun photo featuring @charleskeithofficial and their fun sticker line! #charleskeithcurates #ad
p r a y i n g f o r o u r e a r t h 🌾
📷 @taryndudleyphoto
Set out on an advanture with @shopblueeyedgirl wearing @freepeople with @madmaven_ pom earrings
Also can we talk about this amazing hair color by @anastasicolor ?! #fpgirl #fpme #fallfashion
c a s e o f t h e m o n d a y s 💀
📷 @taryndudleyphoto “Being a Maven means that people are going to copy you, and be inspired by you. Take it as a compliment and begin the next trend”
Shot for @shopblueeyedgirl Wearing my personal line of pom earrings @madmaven_
Top: @vince
Coat: @michaelstarsinc
Pants: @misa_losangeles #blueeyedgirl #fallfashion
m o d a y s w i t h m a d m a v e n 🍒
What?! You don’t start your Week off in thigh high boots, a red dress and a glass of Chardonnay? Wearing @riverisland #liketkit #ImWearingRI #ladyinred
t a k i n g r o a d s l e s s t r a v e l l e d🍂
📷 @taryndudleyphoto
Shot some amazing fall looks for @shopblueeyedgirl. Here’s one of the favs from my shoot! #fallfashion #shopblueeyedgirl #90sfashion
f a l l i s h e r e 🍂🍁
📷 @dillon_ivory
One thing is for certain, I will never stop staring into the sun. -Mad Maven
Fall look brought to you by @agjeans. #fallfashion #fall
l o v e m e s o m e s t i c k e r s💋
Follow along as I post some photos over the next week showcasing these fun digital stickers that @charleskeithofficial created! #charleskeithcurates #ad
t h e n e v e r e n d i n g s t o r y✨
📷 @dillon_ivory 🌸 @tess.made
Shot for: @aandbe_bridalshop
just like clockwork we keep circling back through these feelings of love, shock, panic, death, loss, grief, pain, anger, sadness, fear and then it fades away into our daily routines of “look at me, look at me” until the next psycho with a gun takes out 600 more people for no apparent reason. Then we go through the same cycle. This happens over and over again like ground hog day. So often almost that you can play it out in your head before it even happens. When will it stop?! When does the hate end and the love begin? We need a new epidemic... the epidemic of LOVE. #vegasstrong #stopviolence #guncontrol #epidemicoflove
n o w o r d s 😞
I can’t even gather the right words to describe the pain I am feeling for my hometown right now. The amounts of family and friends that I have that work on the strip, or are just down there on a regular basis. Vegas is my home, my safe place. We cannot let evil win. We cannot live in fear. We must stay strong and help those affected by this horrific event. Please if you’re in the Vegas area or near, donate blood for the victims fighting for their lives. I had both family and friends present for this act of “terrorism”(all violence is terrorism) and I’m happy to say they’re all safe, definitely shaken up and scarred, but alive. My heart goes out to all of the families affected, and to all of the brave humans that shielded others from the bullets and risked their lives for others, you are the true heroes. #stopviolence #prayforvegas
h e a d e d t o e d c 💀🖤
Going to Vegas next year with @thewiscokid for @edc_lasvegas! Tickets are on sale now! So excited to dance the night away in my hometown! #sponsored #edclasvegas #ladiesfirst #edclv2018
o k a y, o k a y, i g i v e u p💋
📷 @vpvisuals
Okay! I give up! I do love this little crazy lady. She’s wacko, and hyper as eff! Not to mention my nieces are older than her. Probably why I feel such a maternal connection to this gal, but this photo of @haileebobailee and I in NYC for Fashion week was too cute not to post! #newfriends #mom #imold